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Student Gives Thanks for Donors’ Generosity

Nov. 20, 2012

Michelle Buckner

Michelle Buckner is among students who received scholarships with funds donated to the College of Education.

Scholarship recipients in the College of Education met and mingled with donors at the college’s annual Autumn Awards Dessert Reception Oct. 25 at the Meridian Club in Fullerton.
Graduate student Michelle Buckner is among the 53 students who received scholarships made possible by the $59,500 donated to the College of Education for 2012-13 awards.
She followed College of Education Dean Claire Cavallaro and faculty members, who took turns at the podium to applaud donors for their generosity. Buckner’s remarks:

On behalf of all the scholarship recipients and myself, I would like to start by saying, thank you, thank you, thank you to our donors.
My name is Michelle Buckner and I’m currently working on a master’s of science in elementary curriculum and instruction and a multiple subject teaching credential.
When I went back to school this last fall, my husband Ryan became the sole provider. We knew it would be a challenge financially, going from two incomes to one, but we felt the Lord telling us that it was the right time. We were confident Ryan’s income could cover our household expenses, but we hadn’t figured out where the rest of the money would come from for school. Even with financial aid covering the cost of tuition, there’s still the cost of books, parking passes, ink cartridges and all of the other costs that go along with higher education.
That’s where you, or donors like you, came in. Through your support, I’ve been able to continue in my program and focus on what I need to focus on — school.
I am so amazed by all of you, donors. To think that you would give so generously, and to complete strangers. I want you to know that your money has not only been well spent, but, even better, well invested. Through your giving, you are inspiring students like me to keep pressing forward. You’re helping us get that much closer to accomplishing our goals and dreams in life. As corny as it may sound, your scholarships are changing lives.
Donors, thank you, again, for you generosity. You may not always get to see the fruits of your giving, but you are making a difference.

I’m proof of it.
Thank you.

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