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Dec. 12, 2012

Recently published items from faculty include the following:

Scott Annin, professor of mathematics, saw his article "Economical Generating Sets for the Symmetric and Alternating Groups Consisting of Cycles of a Fixed Length" published in Vol. 11, No. 6 (December) issue of the Journal of Algebra and its Applications. The article was co-authored with 2011 alumnus Josh Maglione, who is currently working on his doctorate in mathematics at Colorado State University.

Javette G. Hayes, associate professor of human communication studies, co-authored "Predicting the Condom Assertiveness of Collegiate Females in the United States From the Expanded Health Belief Model" published in Vol. 24, Issue 2 (April) issue of International Journal of Sexual Health.

John Reinard, chair and professor of human communication studies, wrote the chapter "Persuasion in the Legal Setting" in the second edition of "The Sage Handbook of Persuasion: Developments in Theory and Practice" published in September.

Human communication studies faculty members Stella Ting-Toomey and Tenzin Dorjee wrote "Culture and Self-Construal as Predictors of Relational Responses to Emotional Infidelity: China and the United States" in Vol. 5, Issue 2 of the Chinese Journal of Communication.

Erualdo R. González, assistant professor of Chicana and Chicano studies, was guest editor to the November special issue of the California Journal of Health Promotion, "Health Disparities in Latino Communities." He also was co-author of "Communities Creating Healthy Environments to Combat Obesity: Preliminary Evaluation Findings From Two Case Studies" published in the issue.

Matthew E. Kirby, associate professor of geological sciences, co-authored "Varying Sediment Sources (Hudson Strait, Cumberland Sound, Baffin Bay) to the NW Labrador Sea Slope Between and During Heinrich Events 0 to 4" published in Vol. 27, Issue 5 (July 2012) of the Journal of Quaternary Science. Kirby also co-authored "A 9170-Year Record of Decadal-to-Multi-Centennial Scale Pluvial Episodes From the Coastal Southwest United States: a Role for Atmospheric Rivers?" published in the July 16 issue of Quaternary Science Reviews.

Chemistry and biochemistry students Anthony Montenegro, Jacob S.A. Ishibashi and Phuong Lam co-authored "Kinetics Study of Reactions of a-Pinene and B-Pinene With Hydroxyl Radical at 1-8 Toor and 240-340 K Using the Relative Rate/Discharge Flow/Mass Spectrometry Method" with Zhuangjie Li, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry, and posted Nov. 8 online at the Journal of Physical Chemistry A.

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