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Alum's Efforts Earn Third Regional Emmy Award

Three Times an Emmy Charm for Communications Graduate

Oct. 23, 2012

Golden Emmy Award

Nick Pavlovsky's third regional Emmy Award for new promotion.

Nick Pavlovsky knows his work is worth gold — and he has won three regional Emmy Awards to prove it.

The 2004 radio/TV/film graduate brought home the third honor earlier this year to Seattle station KOMO4-TV, for his work as photographer on the news promotion campaign "A Day in the Life."

Not bad for the last two years.

Pavlovsky moved his family out of state in 2010 for a change after freelancing for a number of years. “This was a tough decision as I wasn’t sure how many opportunities there would be outside of Southern California,” he explained. “After some research, we decided to focus on Seattle, there were actually quite a few opportunities. Within a few months, I was offered a position at KOMO-TV (ABC affiliate) and just two weeks later, we packed up and moved north.

"We've now been here for two and a half years and couldn't be happier," said Pavlovsky, proudly showing a photo of his wife, Kiersten, and daughters Fiona, 5, and Matilda, 9 months. "I work with such a talented group of people and have been lucky enough to have won three Emmys over these past two years. And obviously, I hope there are a few more to come."

Pavlovsky remembers quite a few of the faculty and staff members he met while attending CSUF. He has kept in contact with Shelley Jenkins, lecturer in radio/TV/film who he had for 'Sitcom Writing" and other courses. He also remembers emeritus radio/TV/film professors Lynne Gross and Larry Ward; Robert W. Davis, professor of radio/TV/film; John Hart, lecturer in communications; and Ed Fink, chair and professor of radio/TV/film.

"While I was a student there, Eraj [Shadaram, production and operations manager for Titan Communications] hired me to help run the TV studio and edit bays. I directed and edited shows like 'On the Edge,' 'Conversations With President Gordon' and various communications videos.

"From the lifetime friends that I made, to the great instruction, I had such a positive experience while at CSUF," Pavlovsky said. "It was while there that I made the decision to pursue a career in television, a decision I will never regret. At the time, I felt that our Radio/TV/Film Department was one of the best in the country, and it's only been solidified by all the success from our alumni. I'd like to thank CSUF and the great faculty for providing the top notch resources that helped shape my future.

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