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Alumnus Awarded $1.58 Million Grant

Sept. 24, 2012

Donald Stelluto

Donald L. Stelluto

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Alumnus Donald L. Stelluto ’86, ’88, ’93 (B.A. music-music education and history, B.M. performance and M.A. history), associate director of Notre Dame’s Institute for Advanced Study, has received a $1.58 million grant from the John Templeton Foundation for a three-year program to promote dialogue across academic disciplines.

Stelluto and a colleague at the University of Notre Dame, Vittorio Hösle, will direct the program, which “will foster inquiry into the ‘great questions’ in an environment that considers secular and spiritual knowledge as mutually beneficial ways of learning, rather than rivals in a winner-take-all competition,” they noted. The program is designed to lead experts in natural and social sciences into a conversation with their counterparts in philosophy and theology, addressing questions, such as: What is human creativity and how does it manifest itself? What is the place of the human mind in nature? How do the life sciences and the humanities contribute to an explanation of the unique features of humans? How can the plurality of religious traditions be integrated with a philosophical monotheism?

When Stelluto was a history major at Cal State Fullerton, he was a member and president of the award-winning student history honor society, Theta-Pi. Of his experience as a graduate student in Gordon M. Bakken’s classes, he said: “I had a great deal of reading and many demanding writing projects but, my time in his courses was well spent. I learned a great deal from Gordon about academic excellence, broad thinking across disciplines, writing effectively and integrity. Gordon always had great faith in me as my teacher and later, as my colleague. Even if I didn’t have the time to imagine it then, he was convinced that I would someday be at a top research university with the kinds of opportunities I have today at the University of Notre Dame.”

Stelluto has a doctorate in U.S. Constitutional history from the University of Maryland. He taught history courses at Cal State Fullerton for six years and summer courses at Notre Dame for 10 years before joining the faculty there full time in 2006.

By: Mimi Ko Cruz, 657-278-7586

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