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How Will You Vote?

Professors Discuss Presidential Race, Propositions

Oct. 4, 2012

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Just hours before President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney met for their first debate Oct. 3, Cal State Fullerton Professors John “Jack” W. Bedell and Stephen J. Stambough duked it out in Pollak Library over their choice for the nation’s top executive.

Their informative and entertaining debate, sponsored by CSUF’s WoMen’s Center, also featured banter on the November ballot initiatives.

Republican Bedell, emeritus professor of sociology and Academic Senate chair, and Democrat Stambough, professor of political science, presented their views on the measures Californians will be asked to vote on next month. Audience members numbered about 70 voters, who asked questions about the initiatives and made comments about today’s contentious political climate.

The following is a sample of Bedell and Stambough’s remarks:

Bedell: “I think the presidential race is closer than it was going to be.”

Stambough: “Romney is saying, ‘I've made a lot of money. Vote for me.’... His signature success is giving us Obamacare.”

Bedell: “I would have never picked Paul Ryan. It is a decision that makes me a little nervous. ...Thank God for Joe Biden. He’s the gift that keeps on giving.”

Stambough: “Propositions 30 and 38 are confusing, competing measures. ... Read them. Look at groups in favor and against each one.”

Bedell: “School board members across the state are voting overwhelmingly yes on both Propositions 30 and 38. Prop. 38 does more for the schools. It taxes a broader band of people.”

Stambough: “Prop. 30 is a temporary tax. Without it, we lose a lot of the safety net, including education. ... Investing in tomorrow’s infrastructure pays off down the road.”

Bedell: “Prop.  34 savings come from eliminating lawyers ... $1 billion over 5 years.”

Stambough: “I don't like Prop. 34. It doesn’t deter crime. It’s incredibly expensive.”

Follow the complete debate on CSUF’s Storify page.

By: Mimi Ko Cruz and Michael Mahi

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