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Exploring the Interface Between Brain and Computer

Aug. 27, 2012

A new computer engineering course that explores the emerging field of brain-computer interfacing is offered this fall.

“The course is one of the current topics within the computer engineering discipline that holds a lot of promise for the future,” said Pradeep S. Nair, assistant professor of computer engineering, who is teaching the class. “In this course, students will explore the current developments taking place in this area of study, as well as learn about the research and development opportunities and challenges involved.

“Brain-computer interfacing involves the development of tools and techniques that make it possible for the human brain and computer to work in tandem with each other. The goal of these tools and techniques is to be able to solve problems that require mapping information from the brain in order to achieve a desired outcome,” Nair explained.

Examples include using information from the brain to control and customize gadgets or prosthetics, according to user-needs.

"Brain-computer interfacing holds a lot of potential, especially in applications related to the field of medicine. For instance, BCI techniques can be used to restore vision in persons with certain forms of blindness," Nair said.

For more information, contact: Pradeep Nair, 657-278-3375.

By: Debra Cano Ramos, 657-278-4027

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