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Institutional Research Paper Named Best This Year

Team Effort By Research and Analytical Studies Shows High Impact Practices Effective

Dec. 12, 2013

Cal State Fullerton is this year's recipient of the Institutional Research Leadership in Student Retention Award presented annually by the Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange.  

Presented during the consortium's recent National Symposium on Student Retention in San Diego, the national award recognizes the paper best exemplifying the importance of institutional research to student retention and success.

A collaborative effort led by Sunny Moon, senior research associate in the Office of Institutional Research and Analytical Studies (IRAS), the winning study assessed the effectiveness of high-impact educational practices on student learning outcomes at program and course levels.

“Our research revealed that high-impact practices benefited all students who participated," said Moon. "Additionally, the culturally responsive practices were found to narrow achievement gaps for underrepresented students.”

During the symposium. IRAS's Edward Sullivan, assistant vice president, institutional research and analytical studies, and research analyst Afshin Karimi presented on the University's "Student Success Dasboard," a tool for tracking and displaying information about key performance indicators the way a speedometer graphically displays or represents information about vehicle speed. The dashboard is one of a number of business intelligence tools developed collaboratively by IRAS and the Division of Information Technology.

Sullivan celebrated Titan prominence at this year's symposium. "Working together allowed our group to share the amazing things happening at Cal State Fullerton before a national audience. I am extremely proud of the efforts of my staff and the faculty and administrators who collaborated with us."

Led by Sunny Moon, collaborators on the award-winning paper on high impact practicess included Edward A. Sullivan and James Hershey (both from institutional research and analytical studies); Sean E. Walker, Martin V. Bonsangue, Mark S. Filowitz, and Cathy Fernandez-Weston (College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics faculty and staff); and Raman Unnikrishnan and Victor Delgado (College of Engineering and Computer Science).

The Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange is housed at the University of Oklahoma and consists of approximately 450 colleges and universities throughout the country. The National Symposium was "developed in response to the needs of administrators and practitioners from our member institutions for current, evidence-based research on student retention and success."

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