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Campus Veteran Is University Police's First Captain

Oct. 29, 2013

A 15-year veteran who has witnessed a wide range of changes on campus became the University Police Department's first captain in September.

John Brockie, who joined CSUF as a patrol officer in 1998, remembers when the focus of his position and the department were much narrower at the time.

"As I've risen through the ranks, the picture is broader. As captain, it's even more broad," he says, reflecting on his new responsibilities, including overseeing support staff and student assistants, as well as the officer training, workplace violence, threat assessment and the department's early warning system.

Brockie became a corporal and community service officer in 2000. A year later, following 9/11, he was serving halfway around the world in a Coast Guard Reserves unit patrolling the waters off Bahrain, just off the coast of Saudi Arabia. He served 188 days of active military service in the Middle East.

It was 9/11 that brought many of the changes that Brockie saw happen as he advanced through the department ranks: sergeant in 2003, investigations in 2006 and lieutenant in 2009.

"Post 9/11, we developed relationships with many outside agencies" such as city, county and state agencies, as well as the FBI.

"There's more sharing of intelligence," he says. "Sometimes it's just information to be aware of, so we are better able to address situations and groups that many come into contact with the university community. Sometimes it directly affects the university."

The police force itself has grown, nearly doubling since Brockie joined. In 1998, there were 14 officers, working out of "temporary" building that was among the University's first facilities. Today, there are 27 officers operating from a "state-of-the-art" facility that includes a dedicated emergency communications center.

More recently, University Police collaborated with entities both on and off campus. A recent partnership between the department and Student Affairs led to this year's opening of a community resource center in student housing.

"When I assumed the responsibilities as chief of the University Police Department, I immediately began the succession planning process for long-term stability within the department," said Chief Dennis DeMaio, who joined the university in 2012. "I was not surprised that the search committee, after a very challenging promotional process, selected John as the most qualified candidate. He is a dedicated professional who works tirelessly in keeping our campus community safe and as crime free as possible. I am extremely proud to congratulate John on his promotion to captain and I'm confident he will continue to serve CSUF in an exemplary manner."

"It's amazing," Brockie says reflecting on his career. "The department as a whole has become an integral part of the University mission. We interact now with all segments of the campus community. I think this is exciting."

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