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Faculty, Staff and Students to Present at National Oral History Meeting

Oct. 7, 2013

Faculty, staff and students will discuss the stories they heard as part of campus oral history projects at the annual meeting of the Oral History Association in Oklahoma City. The Oct. 9-13 program is themed "Hidden Stories, Contested Truths: The Craft of Oral History."

Among the presenters and panelists:

Natalie M. Fousekis, associate professor of history and director of the University's Center for Oral and Public History, serves on the program committee and is chair and moderator of a roundtable discussion, "Sharing Stories Through Performance." Also on the panel are Kira Gentry, center project manager, and Janet Tanner, center project coordinator.

Cora A. Granata, associate professor of history and associate director of the Center for Oral and Public History, is chair and moderator for a student discussion on "From Hitler's Europe to the Golden State: Europe's World War II Migrants to California," an oral history project conducted by students in one of Granata's classes. Student presenters are: Jennifer Keil, Rodolfo Ugelstad and Gloria Lopez; commentator was Alessandro Portelli of the University of Rome.

Allison Varzally, associate professor of history, will discuss the state's contribution to changes in national eating habits and the food industry as part of "Table Talks: Oral History and the Documentation of American Foodways." She also will detail how students have interviewed founders, employees, family members and customers of commercial restaurants that originated in California soon after World War II. The project was developed after the Karcher family, founders of Carl's Jr., approached the Center for Oral and Public History.

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