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Meet Peng Liu

People, Technology and Trust Focus of New Faculty Member's Research

Dec. 4, 2013

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Peng Liu

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After high school, Peng Liu knew he was interested in information technology. But instead of becoming a technician, he wanted to do more. Now after three degrees and half a world away from his native China, his interest has developed into how technology influences business development.

"At one time I considered beginning my own business in technology," said Liu, who joined the campus in August as an assistant professor of information systems and decision sciences. He earned a bachelor's degree in information management and information systems at Shadong University of Technology.

"I realized that what I really wanted was to know more about how and why people use information technology in their private lives, as well as their professional roles. I got an opportunity to study at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences where I became increasingly interested into research. "

From London, he traveled to Michigan, earning his doctorate in information technology management from Michigan State University this summer. His doctorate thesis was on the evolutionary dynamics of organizational routines.

"This thesis tried to answer these questions: do processes become more flexible, or more rigid, as the mix of digital technologies and human actors changes? What are the mechanisms that govern the evolution of processes?" Liu said. "It provided a new theory-driven explanation of the effects of digitization on business processes."

Lui is pursuing more data to supplement the work that he did for his doctorate, and hopes to publish soon. He was a co-author of "Dynamics of Organizational Routines: A Generative Model" published in the December 2012 issue of the Journal of Management Studies.

For now, Liu is focused on teaching two very different courses: "Introduction to Information Systems and Decision Sciences" and "Senior Project: Information Systems Development."

"The intro class is offered for sophomores and the senior project class is seniors, and I thought that it would be challenging to teach at the same time," Liu says. "But it's worked out very well. I'm very glad that I came to Cal State Fullerton."

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