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Spotlight: High-Impact Learning

Nov. 1, 2013

Experiential learning, a practice touted by Cal State Fullerton President Mildred García for its high impact on student success, is on the rise.

“High-impact practices include learning communities, writing-intensive courses, engaging undergraduate students in faculty research, service learning and internships in the major,” García said during her first convocation address last year, when she challenged the campus to figure out how to “enhance successful, high-impact practices for student success.”

In her convocation address this year, García stressed, “enhancing student success was and will remain the top priority for the entire institution as is indicated by the goals of our strategic plan.” 

Research shows that high-impact practices increase retention and graduation when every student who “attends our institutions is engaged in at least two high-impact practices during their time at our colleges,” she said. “I know that CSU Northridge has been successful in documenting that and their institution’s research affirms the national research.”

While experiential learning has long been a benefit for CSUF students, an increased effort to offer more students hands-on learning experiences is one of the University’s goals. Examples of programs in which students take part in research, internships, performance and service-learning, include:

One of the University’s objectives identified in goal 2 of the new strategic plan is to ensure that 75% of CSUF students participate in at least two of these experiences by graduation, one in their first year and one in their major. 

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