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Spotlight: Studying the Creatures Among Us

Dec. 2, 2013

Legless lizards, bison, dolphins and oarfish are some of the animals being studied by Cal State Fullerton faculty members and their students. The research being conducted includes:

  • Biology graduate student Calvin Duncan is studying the use of a contraceptive vaccine to find an economical and effective solution to manage the herd of bison on Catalina Island.
  • Marine scientist Misty Paig-Tran is studying the remains of the 14-foot, roughly 250-pound sea serpent-like oarfish, examining the mechanical properties of its bony skeleton, that washed up on the beach last month in Oceanside.
  • Scientist James Parham, who with a colleague recently discovered four new species of legless lizards from California, is researching the genetically distinct reptiles.
  • Psychologist Kayla Causey and her students are studying the behavior of bottlenose dolphins in Orange County harbors and coasts.

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