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Oarfish Offer Chance to Study an Elusive Animal Long Thought a Monster

Nov. 2, 2013

It was a big day for marine biologists: On Oct. 13, the body of an 18-foot oarfish was dragged from the water onto Santa Catalina Island off the California coast, presenting a rare opportunity for local scientists to study one of the world's most elusive and awe-inspiring big fish.

Five days later, it was a big day again: Another oarfish washed up 50 miles away, this one 14 feet with six-foot-long ovaries full of eggs.

Pairs of oarfish have appeared within days of each other before, deepening the mystique that surrounds the animal. But the twin discoveries nevertheless sent a wave of excitement through a scientific community more used to reading about oarfish than handling them in the lab. 

The article goes on to review the different scientists working on the two specimens, including Cal State Fullerton's own Misty Paig-Tran, who is using CT scants to mak a three-dimensional model to give researchers a closer look at the fish's internal structure. Read the full article online. Content is behind a metered paywall, and may not be available without either a subscription or a small fee

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