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CSUF Students Manage $200,000 In Endowment

Business Students Learn By Making Investment Recommendations To The Board

Oct. 9. 2013

This feature story reports on how two teams of finance students are successfully managing $200,000 worth of stock on behalf of Cal State Fullerton's endowment, as part of Michael Milligan's full-year course on Applied Securities Analysis.

"Ross's pitch isn't merely a classroom assignment. The students in professor Michael Milligan's full-year Applied Securities Analysis Program class aren't dealing with Monopoly money.

"The 14 students, divided into two teams, buy stocks with real money – $200,000 worth of Cal State Fullerton's endowment.

"Each team manages a $100,000 portfolio of common stocks, about 40 in all. Some of the companies the teams currently hold are Starbucks Corp., General Dynamics Corp., Cisco Systems Inc., Colgate-Palmolive Co., Nu Skin Enterprises Inc. and Home Depot Inc."

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