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Titan Voices | A School Must Know Its Place

Nov. 6, 2013

Cal State Fullerton Provost José Cruz discusses the University’s commitment to being a good steward. Many policymakers and media commentators have fallen under the spell of disruptive innovators who sell a future in which the virtues of virtual, online spaces can be harnessed to redefine the way colleges and universities advance their educational missions.

This is understandable. Nobody can really argue with the implicit value of adopting online technologies to expand access, enhance learning, improve degree completion rates and keep costs affordable.

But what is often left unsaid in these discussions is that colleges and universities are not solely in the business of course delivery and credential adjudication; they are in the business of strengthening the core of our society. Place - physical and temporal - is a resource that needs to be leveraged on behalf of the communities that define it.

Cal State Fullerton understands this and works hard to be a good steward of place. A sense of place encourages universities to construct frictionless educational pathways for the children in their community. CSUF, in partnership with Santa Ana College and Santa Ana Unified School District, established the iAdelante! initiative to provide students with an explicit pathway from middle school through college.

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