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Artist Interview: Tim Youd Fetishizes the Typewriter

Dec. 11, 2013

On a recent Friday night Tim Youd sits in front of a small table at the Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana typing away on an Olympia SG-3 electric typewriter, shifting his gaze between the Phillip K. Dick novel to his left and the typewriter keys in front of him. When he reaches the bottom of the page he re-inserts the same sheet back in the typewriter and continues typing on what is now a rectangle of dense black ink, by the time we meet Youd the paper is worn through in spots and taped together. This process is part of the Los Angeles artists Typewriter Series in which he plans to type 100 novels in the next five years. More specifically, Youd pays tribute to 100 classics of modern literature while confronting the “fetishization” of the writers instrument by re-typing the entire work, word for word, with the same make and model of typewriter that the original novelist used, in as close to the original location as possible.

What makes the project more than a literary homage is that Youd types the entire novel onto a single sheet of paper, with a blank sheet underneath, repeatedly feeding the same two sheets back into the typewriter.

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