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Meet Yun Tian

Computer Security Research Is Focus of Challenging, Yet Rewarding Work

Dec. 3, 2013

With cloud computing becoming increasingly popular, so is Yun Tian's interest in making this latest technology more secure. A member of the campus community since the start of the fall semester, Tian said that with cloud computing, there is a risk to the security of data stored.

"Computer security research is trying to provide solutions to a variety of attacks and challenges to our more, and more digitized life," said the assistant professor of computer science. "Whether there is a certain level of security usually is the bottom line. The more data that is easily collected and stored, means that more security challenges exist."

While security research is challenging, Tian says it also is rewarding to find solutions. In addition to cloud security research, she has delved into studies related to storage security, distributed computing, parallel and high performance computing and computer science education. Tian, who earned her doctorate in computer science and software engineering from Auburn University, is developing a course proposal for cloud computing and cloud security.

As an undergrad and graduate student, Tian earned scholarships and awards, and her work was published in peer-reviewed journals. She is passionate about computer science education, and in Auburn, Ala., she was a volunteer for computing outreach programs targeting young students in K-12 schools.

"Through this experience, I saw how much we can help kids build their interests and confidence in learning computer and information technologies through well-designed curriculum and activities," she said. "The tutoring experience also helped me realize that I loved teaching, and that I especially would like to learn and explore how we can better teach computer science and technology. The moments when my students showed confidence in their abilities made me feel gratified — the same way I feel when I have a good idea to solve a computer security challenge."

The native of Henan, China, looks forward to inspiring more students to pursue computer science careers. "There is a high demand in industry for computer security specialists. The exposure of the security projects, topics and courses to our students will help them get familiar with the knowledge, methods and challenges in computer security."

Tian, a Fullerton resident, earned her master's degree in software engineering also at Auburn University and a B.S. in computer science and technology from Northwest University in Xi'an, China.

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