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Faculty, Students Make Broad Showing at Southern California Academy of Sciences Meeting

May 24, 2013

Meredith Rivin, paleontologist, Cooper Archaeological and Paleontological Center, was chair of the Paleontology Session at the May Southern California Academy of Sciences in Long Beach. Riven also presented "The Fossil Record of Elephant Seals (Mirounga) in Southern California," J.F. Parham delivered "The Evolution of Marine Turtles, With an Emphasis on Fossil Specimens From the Eastern Pacific" and B.E.M. Watkins and Parham gave "Fossil Sites Within the La Habra Formation of Ralph B. Clark Park, Orange County" as part of the session.

Stephen R. James, professor of anthropology, presented "Late Holocene Human Impacts on Marine and Terrestrial Fauna in Southern Coastal California: Two Archaeological Projects on San Nicolas Island and the Palos Verdes Peninsula." Student K. Gonzales, "Marine Mammal Exploitation at Site CA-SNI-44 on San Nicolas Island During the Late Holocene: Zooarchaeological Results and Intersite Comparisons" co-authored by James, who also co-wrote "Zooarchaeological Rsearch on San Nicolas Island: Fish Exploitation at Site CA-SNI-44 During the Late Holocene" delivered by J.Vyhmeister. M. Wilson-Thuler will give "Settlement Patterns Along Aliso Creek in Orange County: A Regional Perspective."

In addition, several students in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics presented, including

  • "Changes in Invertebrate Community Diversity and Abundance as a Function of Olympia Oyster, Ostrea Lurida, Restoration Techniques" by students K.M. Walker, A. Cisneros, S.R. Crossen, A. Moreno, C. Waterston and co-authored by Danielle C. Zacherl, associate professor of biological science
  • "Impact of a Restored Olympia Oyster Bed on Eelgrass (Zostera Marina) Production and Ecosystem Function" by S. Briley and co-authored by Zacherl
  • "Quantification of Water Uptake From Pulsed Input via Disturbed and Undisturbed Channels on a Desert Bajada" by M.A. Macias and co-authored by Darren R. Sandquist, professor of biological science
  • "The Impact of Age and Mate Quality on Resource Allocation in the House Cricket (Acheta Domesticus)" by K.K. Murphy and co-authored by Sean E. Walker, associate professor of biological science
  • "Mate Guarding and Spermatophore Removal in the House Cricket (Acheta Domesticus)" by E.S. Peralta and co-authored by Walker
  • "If Only We Could Live Apart: Costs of Cohabitation and Multiple Mates in the House Cricket, Acheta Domesticus" by C.M. Mirzaian and T.J. Tanaka and co-authored by Walker
  • "Uncovering a Fossorial Species: Home Range and Habitat Preference of the Western Spadefoot (Spea Hammondii) in Orange County Protected Areas" by K.L. Baumberger and co-authored by Michael H. Horn, professor of biological science
  • "Colony Dynamics of Elegant Terns (Thalasseus Elegans) in the Southern California Bight in Relation to Oceanographic Conditions and Disturbance Events" by C.J. Rankin and co-authored by Horn
  • "Comparison of Diets and Dietary Sampling Methods for Nesting California Least Terns (Sternula Antillarum Browni) at Purisima Point on the Central Califronia Coast and Alameda Point in San Francisco Bay" by A.G. Stephenson and co-authored by Horn
  • "Dietary and Stable Isotope Analyses Reveal the Role fo a Cryptic Prey in the Elegant Tern (Thalasseus Elegans) Food Web in Southern California Waters" by C. Whitcombe and Horn
  • "Divergent Species yet rare Lineages: Niche Modeling of 20 Endangered California Taxa and Their Closes Relatives - Implications for Conservation" by J.E. Smith and co-authored by Horn
  • "Holocene Oyster Assemblage of Newport Bay, California: Understanding the Past to Help Restore the Future" by K.K. Vreeland and co-authored by Nicole Bonuso, assistant professor of geological sciences
  • "Mapping Plant Responses to Channel-Water Input in a Disturbed Mojave Alluvial Fan" by A. Roach, M. Macias and co-authored by Sandquist
  • "Developing a Seed Collection Method for Long-Term Storage and Testing Viability of the Federally Endangered Plant Eriastrum Densifolium spp. Sanctorum" by I. Vera and co-authored by Sandquist
  • "Brood sex Ratio and Nest Success Based on DNA Analysis and Tail-Feature Pattern in Costa's Hummingbird, Calypte Costae, in the Sonoran Desert" by E. Chin and co-authored by Melanie A. Sacco, assistant professor of biological science
  • "Determinants of Bot Fly Infestation in Thirteen-Lined Ground Squirrels in Colorado Shortgrass Steppe" by K.L. Conway and co-authored by Paul T. Stapp, professor of biological science
  • "Population Genetic Structure of Northern Grasshopper Mice, Onychomys Leucogaster, in Relation to Prairie Dogs and Plague" by K.L. Flores and co-authored by Stapp
  • "Foraging Behavior of Kangaroo Rats at Seed Trays Revealed by Giving-Up Densities and Remove Cameras" by Dylan Tennant and co-authored by Stapp
  • "Patterns of Activity and Diversity of Bats at the Urban-Wildland Interface in Southern California" by Lauren Dorough and co-authored by Stapp
  • "Morphological Characterization of Southern California Pipefish (Family Syngnathidae)" by C.A. Rice and co-authored by Kristy Forsgren, assistant professor of biological science
  • "Genetic Population Structure of the Olympia Oyster, Ostrea Lurida, in Southern California" by J.M. Linnenbrick and co-authored by Zacherl and Douglas J. Eernisse, professor of biological science

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