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Safety Training for Bike Riders

Campus Offers Both Online and Hands-on Programs

Jan. 29, 2013

With the crush of the new semester and cost of driving a vehicle, as well an increasing awareness of greenhouse gases, more and more members of the campus community are riding bicycles to get to campus.

To encourage safe ways of traveling to and from campus, Cal State Fullerton offers both online and hands-on bicycle safety training.

"We're really trying to get the word out to faculty, staff and students that we offer such training," said Cari Elofson of Environmental Health and Safety.

The 30-minute online program, developed by the University Bicycle Committee, Environmental Health and Safety, Parking and Transportation and University Police, covers the rights and responsibilities of bikers, campus rules, the use of proper safety equipment such as a helmet, hand signals, use of bike lanes, sharing the road with motorized vehicles and dealing with hazards such as distracted drives and road rage.

"The training is also good for drivers because we do have so many bicyclists on campus," Elofson added, who noted that the online program can be accessed through the faculty-staff portal, under the training tab.

Hands-on training for students covers similar material as the online program and is handled by Officer Chauncey Fonner. During the University Police program, bikes are registered. Specific times have not been developed for the semester, although training was provided at student housing the week before classes started.

"I try to offer riding techniques and ways that bicycles, motorcycles and cars can coexist on campus roadways. A big issue is when bicycles are ridden in areas where it can be hazardous for pedestrians and the bicyclists. In the training, I cover the many bike paths available to riders, as well as areas where we encourage people to walk their bikes," said Fonner.

The overall goal is to make it easy for all campus members to travel to and around campus, said Elofson and Fonner.

"With more than 30,000 students, as well as faculty, staff and community members, it's important that we all do what we can to be safe," Fonner added.

To help bicyclists keep their vehicles in tip-top condition, the campus has self fix-it stations provided by Parking and Transportation, and Associated Students Inc. , as well as free monthly bike checkup services.

The fix-it stations are available near bicycle racks at the Student Recreation Center, the Titan Student Union and University Hall.

Bike checkup services are offered from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Thursdays, Jan. 31, Feb. 21 and March 21 along the walkway between the Pollak Library and Titan Shops.

For more information, contact Elofson at 657-278-8673 or Fonner at 657-278-2515.

By: Pamela McLaren, 657-278-4852

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