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Faculty Research Reflected in Recent Publications

Feb. 22, 2013

Several Cal State Fullerton faculty members has seen their work recently published, including two books.

Mohinder S. Grewal , professor of electrical engineering, has co-authored the third edition of "Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Inertial Navigation and Integration." The book was published in February by Wiley-Interscience.

James F. Woodward, emeritus professor of history, authored "Making Starships and Stargates: The Science of Interstellar Transport and Absurdly Benign Wormholes" published in December by Springer.

Shawn X. Wang, chair and professor of computer science; Susamma Barua, associate dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science; and alumni Kunal Desai, a software developer with Open One Corp., and Swaroop Deshmukh, a Microsoft dynamic CRM 2011 developer with Adisys Consulting Services — both 2010 master of science in computer science graduates — co-authored "GeoTNavi - Smart Navigation Using Geo-temporal Traffic Information," published in Vol. 5, No. 1 of the International Journal of Data Mining, Modeling and Management.

Wang also was co-author of the article "Using Folding Ensemble and Stem Probability Maximization to Predict H-type Pseudoknots" published in the December issue of Tsinghua Science and Technology.

Terri L. Snyder, professor of American studies, has seen two articles she authored published: "Refiguring Women in Early American History" in the July 2012 William and Mary Quarterly and "Marriage on the Margins: Free Wives, Enslaved Husbands and the Law in the Early Virginia" in Vol. 30, No. 1 of the Law and History Review.

John L. Haan, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry, co-authored "Optimization of an Anode Fabrication Method for the Alkaline Direct Formate Fuel Cell" in the upcoming May issue of Journal of Power Sources.

Patrick M. Kimani, assistant professor of mathematics, co-authored "Using Licorice to Reinvent Trigonometric Functions" in the February issue of the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges Educator. Kimani co-authored "Being Responsive to Students' Work" with former student and 2012 mathematics graduate Emily Kuper. The article will appear in an upcoming issue of Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School.

Kristin J. Kleinjans, assistant professor of economics, authored "The Man of the House — How the Use of Household Head Characteristics May Lead to Omitted Variable Bias," which has been accepted for publication in Economics Letters. The Journal of Applied Econometrics has accepted for future publication "Rounding, Focal Point Answers and Nonreponse to Subjective Probability Question," co-authored by Kleinjans.

Cora Granata, associate professor of history, wrote "Political Upheaval and Shifting Identities: Holocaust Survivors in the Soviet Occupied Zone of Germany, 1945-1949" in "Lessons and Legacies X Back to the Sources: Reexamining Perpetrators, Victims and Bystanders" edited by Sara R. Horowitz and published in October by Northwestern University Press.

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