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Faculty Members Honored for Years of Service

April 22, 2013

Ronald Hughes and President Mildred Garcia

President Mildred García congratulates sociology Professor Ronald E. Hughes.

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Lauded for their loyalty and commitment to higher education, 153 faculty members have been recognized for their collective 1,815 years of service at Cal State Fullerton.

“I sincerely thank you for your dedication to Cal State Fullerton, for your research, the time you spend with our students, the effort you contribute to the intellectual capacity of this university,” President Mildred García told the faculty members who attended a recognition ceremony April 18 at the Fullerton Marriott. “You serve as role models. You help students become successful. You help them graduate and become intellectual scholars and participating citizens of our community, our state, our nation. You make our students a priority. Your work inspires us. Continue to do great work.”

Two faculty members — alumnus Ronald E. Hughes ’69, ’71 (B.A., M.A. sociology), professor of sociology, and John D. Ibson, professor of American studies — each were given an engraved chair for their 40 years of service. Both hired in 1972, they said they love teaching at CSUF.

“I always tell my students that I have the best job in the world,” Hughes said.

“I really can't imagine having had a more meaningful, satisfying career than the one I’ve had here,” Ibson added.

Ronald E. Hughes

Over his career as an educator, Hughes has garnered more than $680,000 in grants for programs that focused on retaining minority students, implementing new courses and student affirmative action programs and development of a matriculation plan for students at Riverside Community College to attend CSUF. He has a Ph.D. in sociology and an M.A. in social psychology from UCLA. He has penned several journal articles and made many conference presentations over his tenure. He also teaches a CSUF sociology course in Africa every few years.

In presenting the chair to Hughes, José L. Cruz, provost and vice president for academic affairs, said: “Aside from the sheer volume of service to CSUF across a 40-year span as a colleague, mentor and former department chair, Ronald’s contribution to CSUF resonates with three words — sincerity, reflection and grace. Ronald’s sincerity is apparent in his tough love toward students and care for faculty and staff. ... As a faculty member of color, Ronald is firmly grounded in his personal experience, which is a key lens that reflexively informs how he serves students, colleagues and staff. ... Ronald carries himself with grace despite any challenges faced.”

John D. Ibson

Ibson “is one of the founding faculty members of the American Studies Department, and he is, in large part, responsible for the department’s growth and direction as well as for the strong national and international reputations it has earned,” Cruz said. “In recognition of the quality of his teaching, John was chosen to deliver the inaugural lecture in an annual series in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, ‘Lectures by Outstanding Teachers,’ and he was awarded the first Outstanding Teacher Award in 2001 by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. ... John was recently awarded the Phil Zwickler Memorial Research Fellow Grant from Cornell University, and in 2012, he received the Courage and Vision Award from the Orange County Equality Coalition.”

Ibson earned his Ph.D. and M.A. in history of American civilization at Brandeis University and his B.A. in political science from UC Davis. He is the author of “Picturing Men: A Century of Male Relationships in Everyday American Photography” (Smithsonian Institution Press, 2002) and “Will the World Break Your Heart? Dimensions and Consequences of Irish-American Assimilation” (Garland Publishing, 1990). He is an expert on gender and sexuality in modern America, especially men’s history; vernacular photography in the United States; visual culture; prejudice and discrimination in American culture; and humor in American culture.

On the role of a teacher, Ibson said, “it can be as fresh as a teacher chooses to make it. There are always new books to assign, new courses to teach. I couldn't pinpoint exactly when it was that I began to sense this, but I loved it when the time came in my career that I knew enough to be spontaneous in the classroom, and not have to depend, without deviation, on what I'd prepared beforehand.”

Also recognized for 40 years of service on campus is Llyod A. Rodgers, professor of music.

Other faculty members marking milestones this year in their Cal State Fullerton careers:

35 Years of Service

  • Brian Kleiner, professor of management     
  • Maria C. Linder, professor of chemistry and biochemistry          
  • Anil K. Puri, dean of Mihaylo College of Business and Economics                                     
  • Laurance M. Timm, professor of music   

30 Years of Service

  • Teresa Malinowski, librarian
  • Todd L. Miller, professor of music   
  • Debora Richey, librarian                
  • Mostafa Shiva, chair and professor of electrical engineering  

25 Years of Service

  • Victor Brajer, professor of economics
  • Ning Chen, chair and professor of computer science                       
  • Harriet C. Edwards, associate professor of mathematics   
  • Mahamood M. Hassan, professor of accounting                        
  • Dana J. Lamb, chair and professor of art                          
  • Hossein A. Moini, professor of mechanical engineering
  • Linda K. Stanton, professor of English, comparative literature and linguistics 
  • Bradley E. Starr, professor of comparative religion  
  • Robert A. Voeks, professor of geography

20 Years of Service

  • Martin V. Bonsangue, professor of mathematics   
  • Bryan W. Cantley, professor of art                  
  • Mark J. Goodrich, associate professor of music              
  • Jade M. Jewett, professor of art               
  • C. Jessie Jones, acting chair and professor of health science  
  • Mikyong Kim-Goh, professor of social work       
  • Chiranjeev Kohli, professor of marketing          
  • Patricia Laguna, professor of kinesiology       
  • Yuming Li, professor of finance         
  • Mike McGee, professor of art                      
  • Jack Mearns, chair and professor of psychology                       
  • Maijian Qian, professor of mathematics   
  • Shari Starrett, associate professor of philosophy        
  • Yuan Ting, professor of political science

15 Years of Service

  • Jon C. Bruschke, professor of human communication studies              
  • John C. Carroll, chair and associate professor of geography                  
  • Amybeth Cohen, professor of biological science          
  • Juan Carlos Gallego, associate professor of modern languages and literatures           
  • Bruce Goodrich, chair and professor of theatre and dance             
  • John Hickok, librarian                        
  • Kristi L. Kanel, professor of human services
  • Robert D. Kersey, professor of kinesiology       
  • Kevin E. Meehan, associate professor of criminal justice                 
  • Debra J. Rose, professor of kinesiology       
  • David S. Shepard, associate professor of counseling               
  • James Taulli, associate dean of the College of the Arts                      
  • Jie Tian, librarian                                   
  • Diane F. Witmer, chair and professor of communications             

10 Years of Service

  • Scott Annin, professor of mathematics    
  • Shelly Arsneault, professor of political science                        
  • Rahul Bhaskar, professor of information systems and decision sciences
  • Lee E. Brown, professor of kinesiology        
  • Robert F. Castro, associate professor of criminal justice
  • Amy B. Coplan, associate professor of philosophy         
  • Kristine Dennehy, professor of  history
  • Alan L. Emery, associate professor of sociology             
  • Matt Englar-Carlson, professor of counseling                        
  • Barbra Erickson, associate professor of anthropology   
  • Markus Fischer, associate professor of liberal studies
  • Joseph A. Forkan, professor of art 
  • Natalie M. Fousekis, associate professor of history             
  • Jacqueline B. Frost, professor of radio/TV/film
  • Charles E. Grieb, professor of art                 
  • Javette G. Hayes, associate professor of human communication studies
  • Mortaza Jamshidian, professor of mathematics   
  • Chang-Hyun Jo, professor of computer science                  
  • Sara E. Johnson, associate professor of anthropology                     
  • Chandra Khan, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry
  • Matthew E. Kirby, associate professor of geological sciences       
  • Jarret Lovell, associate professor of criminal justice                      
  • Vivek Mande, professor of accounting                
  • Mindy B. Mechanic, associate professor of psychology         
  • Donna J. Nicol, assistant professor of women’s studies                   
  • Terri R. Patchen, associate professor of elementary and bilingual education           
  • Philippe Perebinossoff, associate professor of radio/TV/film
  • Melinda R. Pierson, chair and professor of special education 
  • Mallela Prasada Rao, chair and associate professor of civil and environmental engineering                      
  • Dana N. Rutledge, professor of nursing                
  • Angeles Sancho-Velazquez, associate professor of liberal studies                           
  • H. Jochen Schenk, associate professor of biological science           
  • Betty Snell, professor of nursing                       
  • Nancy Snow, professor of communications            
  • Paul T. Stapp, professor of biological science          
  • Bogdan D. Suceavă, professor of mathematics   
  • Joseph A. Weber, associate professor of sociology            
  • Samuel C. Yang, professor of information systems and decision sciences
  • Philippe J. Zacair, associate professor of history              

5 Years of Service

  • Fatima Alali, associate professor of accounting
  • Andrea J. Becker, assistant professor of kinesiology
  • April Brannon, assistant professor of English, comparative literature and linguistics 
  • William Breitbach, associate librarian
  • S. Allen Broyles, associate professor of marketing
  • Todd CadwalladerOlsker, assistant professor of mathematics   
  • Matthew Calarco, associate professor of philosophy                              
  • Christina M. Carroll-Pavia, student services professional              
  • Benjamin Cawthra, associate professor of history                           
  • David K. Chenot, acting chair and associate professor of social work
  • David Cherin, professor of social work        
  • Daniel S. Choi, assistant professor of educational leadership               
  • Hyun-Cheol Choi, assistant professor of management              
  • Carolyn Coal, assistant professor of communications
  • Math P. Cuajungco, associate professor of biological Science
  • William Cunliffe, professor of music               
  • Fanny M. Daubigny, assistant professor of modern languages and literatures           
  • John K. Davis, associate professor of philosophy        
  • Andrew Dickson, associate professor of art                
  • Anthony DiStefano, assistant professor of health science                           
  • Alison C. Edwards, assistant professor of music                                   
  • Robert M. Engels, assistant professor of radio/TV/film                    
  • Roberta M. Espinoza, associate professor of sociology            
  • Russell K.E. Espinoza, associate professor of psychology         
  • Howard Forman, associate professor of marketing          
  • Brent M. Foster, assistant professor of communications            
  • Amy Foust, assistant professor of criminal justice                       
  • Cynthia S. Gautreau, assistant professor elementary and bilingual education           
  • Kiran George, assistant professor of computer engineering
  • Adelina Gnanlet, assistant professor of management   
  • Aaron T. Goetz, assoiate professor of psychology        
  • Adam B. Golub, assistant professor of American studies           
  • Erualdo R. Gonzalez, Chicana and Chicano studies             
  • Sarah A. Hill, assistant professor of political science                                
  • Jidong Huang, assistant professor of electrical engineering  
  • Paula K. Hudson, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry         
  • Zair Ibragimov, assistant professor of mathematics   
  • Anne James, assistant professor of theatre and dance             
  • Pawel J. Kalczynski, professor of information systems and decision sciences
  • Kevin Lambert, assistant professor of liberal studies                  
  • Patricia E. Literte, assistant professor of sociology            
  • Stephen J. Mexal, associate professor of English, comparative literature and linguistics 
  • Maged S.A. Mikhail, associate professor of history
  • James A. Miller, assistant professor of geography         
  • Janice Myck-Wayne, associate professor of special education           
  • Tu-Uyen N. Nguyen, associate professor of Asian-American studies               
  • Heather K. Osborne-Thompson, assistant professor of radio/TV/film 
  • Debra L. Patterson, associate professor of kinesiology       
  • Patricia A. Perez, associate professor of Chicana and Chicano studies        
  • Christopher W. Peterson, professor of music                    
  • Angel Pineda, assistant  professor of mathematics   
  • Kendahl L. Radcliffe, assistant professor of African American studies                             
  • Madeline E. Rasche, professor of chemistry and biochemistry         
  • Raymond W. Rast, assistant professor of history                   
  • Suzanne E. Robinson, associate professor of special education           
  • Jasamin Rostam-Kolayi, assistant professor of history           
  • Michael Shafae, assistant professor of computer science
  • Kristen L. Shand, assistant professor of secondary education   
  • Myungsoo Son, associate professor of accounting        
  • Traci A. Statler, assistant professor of kinesiology       
  • Jessica Stern, associate professor of history                 
  • Ofir Turel, professor of information systems and decision sciences
  • J.C. Westgate, associate professor of English, comparative literature and linguistics 
  • Jennifer A. Yee, assistant professor of Asian-American studies
  • Hassan Yousefi, associate professor of mathematics   
  • Dawit Zerom, professor of information systems and decision sciences

By: Mimi Ko Cruz, 657-278-7586

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