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College Awards Faculty Members

May 8, 2013

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences has honored seven faculty members for "truly impressive and exceptional work” over the past academic year. The awardees: George “Max” Dery, professor of criminal justice, named “Distinguished Faculty Member”; Terri L. Snyder, professor of American studies, for “Outstanding Scholarship and Creativity”; Jack D. Mearns, chair and professor of psychology, and Shelly Arsneault, professor of political science, for “Outstanding Teaching”; Pamela Fiber-Ostrow, associate professor of political science, for “Outstanding Service and Contributions to Student Success”; David G. Kelman, assistant professor of English for “Outstanding Untenured Faculty Member”; and alumna Jessica L. Grimes ’04 (M.A. sociology), lecturer in sociology, for “Outstanding Part-Time Faculty Member.”

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