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Campus Junior/Senior Intramural Grants Announced for 2013-14

May 7, 2013

Thirty faculty members have received junior/senior intramural grant support for projects ranging from the development of greener concrete to studies into housing, strategic alliances, avant-garde films and a pilot program to help binge eaters.

Maximum awards are $2,000 for operating expenses and student research assistants, as well as release time during the academic year. Additional information regarding the program is available on the web or from the Office of Research Development at 657-278-3374.

Recipients of 2013-14 funding and their project abstracts are:

Ajay Bhootra , assistant professor of finance, will examine the potential role of investors' recency bias in stock return predictability with specific focus on its implications for return momentum.

Mohammad (Rokon) Bhuiyan, assistant professor of economics, will work on a no-arbitrage macro-finance model defining exchange rate movements as a nonlinear function of macroeconomic fundamentals.

Lorenzo Bizzi, assistant professor of management, will be developing a study on "strategic alliances, investigating how network alliances affect organizational performance."

Rebecca Bodan, assistant professor of nursing, intends on studying depression among homeless women and how to best manage depression in this population.

Gulhan Bourget, associate professor of mathematics, will work on a modification of Hotelling's T2 for use by the biomedical community in discovering disease-causing genes.

Susan Cadwallader, professor of marketing, will establish the Center for 50-plus Consumer Studies, an interdisciplinary organization tasked with understanding the marketplace needs of consumers aged 50 and above.

Randol Contreras, assistant professor of sociology, seeks to explore the ethno-racial tensions existing between Latino and African American males in South Los Angeles.

John D. Ibson, professor of American studies, asked for assigned time to support his "book-length examination of changes in males' various relationships with each other in postwar America."

Cherie Ichinose, assistant professor of mathematics, will explore whether there is a difference in academic performance and student believes between a traditional and a hybrid course.

Matthew E. Kirby , associate professor of geological sciences, will work on a National Science Foundation proposal to develop a 150,000-year record of the region's water history.

Zhenguo (Len) Lin , professor of finance, will work on developing an understanding of true housing market conditions and its significance to governments during a housing crisis, as well as practical solutions.

Geoffrey Lovelace, assistant professor of physics, intends on using and maintaining a computer cluster to simulate merging black holes to help maximize gravitational-wave detectors' sensitivity and increase knowledge of their sources.

Jeeloo Liu, associate professor of philosophy, asked for assigned time to complete a book titled "Neo-Confucianism: Metaphysics, Mind and Morality."

Scott K. Lynn, assistant professor of kinesiology, will explore the relationships between movement efficiency, as measured by the Functional Movement Screen, to injury in NCAA athletes.

Catherine O. Maderazo, associate professor of reading, intends to examine how teachers can develop both literacy- and technology-rich interactions that meet the demands of the new Common Core State Standards.

Phoolendra Mishra, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering, seeks to setup a laboratory scale model for a groundwater flow system.

David Naish, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering, seeks to construct and manufacture greener concrete by using recycled materials.

Angela-MinhTu D. Nguyen, assistant professor of psychology, intends on collecting data to identify strategies employed by women who succeed in the STEM fields in order to share those strategies with others.

Nga Nguyen, assistant professor of anthropology, seeks to evaluate the effects of naturally occurring tapeworm infections on the survival and reproduction of wild gelada monkeys and in Ethiopia.

Nancy R. Panza, associate professor of psychology, will be developing "normative data and predictive validity outcomes for the Static-99R, a tool used by the Sex Offender Certification Review Branch within the Federal Bureau of Prisons."

Jennifer Ponder, associate professor of elementary and bilingual education, will spend spring 2014 to collect data to "help the multiple subject credential program at CSUF restructure and improve the traditional student teaching model that our profession has used for over a century."

Jocelyn Read, assistant professor of physics, seeks to explore the properties of matter at extremely high densities by determining how matter properties influence the timing of high-energy flares from merging neutron stars.

Rebecca Sheehan, assistant professor of radio-TV-film, will work on a book that "examines the intersection between American avant-garde films and 20th-century philosophy."

Rebekah Smart, associate professor of counseling, seeks to offer "an eight-week training in mindful eating to campus personnel struggling with binge or overeating, or who simply desire a better relationship with food."

Yuying Tsong, assistant professor of human services, will examine "the risk and protective factors of the psychological and behavioral functioning, family relationships and achievements of Asian and Asian Americans who are or were 'parachute' kids or from an 'astronaut' family."

Allison Varzally , associate professor of history, will work on a book that "explores the experiences and representations of Vietnamese children adopted by American families since 1965 to better comprehend changing ideas of American citizenship in an era of heightened debate about the United States' place in the wider world."

Haowei Wang, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, plans to study the performance of biodiesel and ethanol in a diesel engine, including fuel consumption and emissions.

Adam D. Woods, associate professor of geological sciences, will be exploring current climatic changes and their effect on life by examining similar situations in the past.

Sean Yee, assistant professor of mathematics, will collect data comparing what metaphors teachers vs. students use for mathematical problem solving to improve student-teacher discourse.

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