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Spotlight: Finishing Our Strategic Plan

Campus To Tackle The Challenges of Implementation and Assessment

April 16, 2013

The University's newly-published strategic plan has set the priorities that will govern university decision making for the next five years. Publication of the plan completes work begun in the latter days of the Gordon administration, strengthened by the identification of strategic priorities that will guide the tough decisions facing the university about the best use of scarce university resources.

Last summer, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, notified the University of its reaccreditation. In announcing the decision, WASC President Ralph A. Wolff explained that WASC “expects the university to give special consideration to the following areas: engaging with the integrated strategic plan, assessing and improving student learning, advancing student advising and improving graduation rates.”

In her convocation address last September, President Mildred García shared WASC's request with the larger campus audience, reminding them that the first order of business for the University was to complete the University Strategic Plan, “specifying clear strategic priorities that will guide decision-making, and then using those priorities to make tough decisions about where scarce university resources should go.”

In October, García announced the appointment of Jolene Koester, president emeritus of Cal State Northridge, as facilitator for the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, co-chaired by Robert W. Mead, associate professor of economics, and Jennifer Faust, associate vice president for academic affairs.

The first campuswide strategic planning meeting was held later that same month, atttended by more than 400 faculty and staff members.

“This strategic plan is about us, it is about … who we are, how we are different, highlighting our priorities based on our mission and then determine how we measure our accomplishments and tell the world the great things that we do at Cal State Fullerton,” García said at that meeting.

Over the next six months, the strategic planning committee made presentations and gathered input at several more meetings, including town halls in February and March. The campus community was urged to provide input at the meetings and online. Hundreds of comments were recorded and considered as the committee developed the plan.

Following the unveiling of the plan April 12, García told the audience that implementation was a shared responsibility: “We are committed to putting the strategic plan into action with each division, college and department working together to meet our collective goals.”

The aim is for Cal State Fullerton to “become a model comprehensive university, nationally recognized for exceptional programs that prepare our diverse student body for academic and professional success.” 

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