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Kinesiology Alumni Share Research in Indianapolis

June 13, 2013

Six Cal State Fullerton kinesiology alumni who have completed doctoral programs or are doctoral candidates in kinesiology at institutions across the country recently presented research at the National American College of Sports Medicine Meeting in Indianapolis. They are:

  • James R. Bagley ’10 M.S., now a doctoral candidate at Ball State University who presnted “Skeletal Muscle Health in Elite Octogenarian Lifelong Endurance Athletes and Untrained Men: Part Two”; 
  • Kristen C. Cochrane ’12 M.S., presently in the doctoral program at University of Nebraska who presented “Effects of Diverting Activities on Strength, Electromyographic and Mechanomyographic Signals”; 
  • Nichole C. Dabbs ’10 M.S., who has a Ph.D. in kinesiology from the University of Mississippi, “The Effects of Whole-body Vibration on Verticle Jump Height and Peak Power”;
  • Andrea M. Du Bois ’13 M.S., who will be attending USC’s doctoral program this fall presented “Effect of Resisted Jumping on Vertical Jump Relative Peak Power”;
  • Nicole E. Moyen ’12 M.S., who is in the doctoral program at the University of Arkansas, presented “Effects of Relative Humidity on Thermoregulation and Perception During Low Intensity Exercise in the Heat”; and 
  • Colleen X. Muñoz ’10 M.S., a doctoral candidate at the University of Connecticut who presented “Relationships Between Habitual Total Water Intake And Dimensions Of Mood In Healthy Young Women.”

Their presentation abstracts are available online.

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