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Faculty and Staff Win External Funding for Research

Aug. 5, 2013

Cal State Fullerton faculty and staff members have garnered nearly $2 million in grants and contracts during the period of April 1 to July 31. Funding will go toward a number of research projects and programs ranging from nursing workforce diversity and antibiotic resistance to preparing future teachers and a student success collaborative. Grants and contracts include:

Marcelo E. Tolmasky , Biological Science: $397,987 National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases grant for "Dealing With Antibiotic Resistance: Antisense Technology." Tolmasky has received funding for this project since 2000.

Christine Latham, Nursing: $350,000 in first-year funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration for "Nursing Workforce Diversity/Advancing Health Equity and Diversity (AHEAD)." Total anticipated award: $1,050,000. A previous three-year award for the same program totaled: $948,027. Related article: "Fellowships for Future Nurse Educators"

Veronica Jimenez Ortiz, Biological Science: $246,566 in first-year funding from the National Science Foundation for "Characterization of Potassium Channels in the Human Parasite Trypanosoma Cruzi."

Jocelyn Read, Physics: $126,000 National Science Foundation grant for "RUI: Dense Matter and Gravitational Waves: The Coalescence of Neutron Star Binaries."

Laura Gil-Trejo, Social Science Research Center: $101,445 in two-year funding from the University of Southern California for "Civic Engagement and the Healthy Development of Youth Leaders," as well as $20,886 from Palomar Community College for "Palomar College Survey of Completers and Leavers" and $1,700 from BBV Marketing and Communications for "BBV Marketing & Communications Participant Recruitment." Gil-Trejo also received two awards from the Kennedy Center's DeVos Institute of Arts: $11,375 for "Survey for the Bloomberg Philanthropies Arts Advancement Initiative" and $25,000 for "The Strategic Capacity Index: Post-Pilot Study." Gil-Trejo had previously received $50,620 for "Post-Pilot Study."

Dorota Huizinga, Academic Programs and Research: $97,719 in first-year funding of a five-year, $463,698 National Institutes of Health grant for "CSF Research Gateway: Comprehensive Online Research Center."

Geoffrey Lovelace, Physics: $81,628 in first-year funding from the National Science Foundation for "RUI: Numerical Simulations of Merging Black Holes and Neutron Stars."

Michele M. Wood , Health Science: $77,542 from the San Diego State Research Foundation for "California-Nevada Public Health Training Center." Total received to date: $180,324.

Kimberly A. Norman, Elementary and Bilingual Education: $75,000 CSU Chancellor's Office Award for "Preparing Future Teachers for Transitional Kindergarten Programs and Future P-12 Leaders in Early and Expanded Learning."

Darren R. Sandquist, Biological Science: $78,405 award from Science Applications International Corp. for "Wooly Star Preserve Area Multispecies Habitat Management Plan." Related article: Scientists Study Endangered Woolly Star

Murtadha A. Khakoo, Physics: $60,000 National Science Foundation award for "Experimental and Theoretical/Computational Studies of Low Energy Electron Collisions With Molecules."

Kandy Mink Salas, Student Affairs: $55,000 from the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities for the "HACU/Walmart Student Success Collaborative." Related grant: Students Present at HACU and Consult USDA Staff

Joseph Constantine, Electrical Engineering: $50,480 from the California Institute of Technology for "Scaling of Wide-band Deployable Antennas for Cubesats."

John L. Haan, Chemistry and Biochemistry: $50,000 American Chemical Society grant for "The Elucidation of the Electronic Effect of Palladium-based Catalysts for the Electro-Oxidation of Formate in Alkaline Media."

Michael Boytim, Nursing: $30,570 from the Health Resources & Services Administration for "Nurse Anesthetist Traineeships."

Dawn Macy, Center for Internships and Community Engagement: $8,800 from Project Access Inc. for "Project Access Titan Tutors 2013-15." 


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