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Kinesiologists Present Research In Indianapolis

June 13, 2013

The Kinesiology Department was well represented at the National American College of Sports Medicine Meeting in Indianapolis, where a group of eight faculty, staff and students presented their research findings. The individuals and their topics included: kinesiology major Andrea T. Duran, “Physical Activity is Positively Associated With Bone Parameters in Children With Prader-Willi Syndrome,” with alumna Diobel M. Castner ’08 B.S., ’10 M.S., project manager of CSUF’s Prader-Willi Syndrome, childhood obesity, and physical activity studies; Castner also presented “Physical Activity Intensity And Weekly Patterns In Youth With And Without Prader-Willi Syndrome,” with Duran and Daniela A. Rubin, associate professor of kinesiology;  William Beam, professor of kinesiology, “Effects of a Single Bout of Intermittent and Continuous Exercise on Postprandial Glycemia and Lipidemia”; Daniel A. Judelson, associate professor of kinesiology, “Effects Of Adding Flavanols To A ‘Light’ Carbohydrate-Protein Beverage on Recovery and Performance After Concurrent Exercise” Robert D. Kersey, professor of kinesiology, “Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids”; and  Guillermo J. Noffal, associate professor of kinesiology, “Electromyographic (EMG) Analysis of the Hip Musculature During Variations Of The Glute Bridge Exercise” with  Scott K. Lynn, assistant professor of kinesiology. Presentation abstracts are available.

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