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Meet Asma A. Taha

Finding Ways to Advance Pediatric Care

Oct. 28, 2014

Pediatric nursing is Asma A. Taha's passion.

"I have been a pediatric nurse for 25 years," Taha said. "I spent many hours with children and their families' at the most vulnerable times of their life."

Passing that passion along is why she teaches.

"I love to teach and hope to be able to influence the future generation of the workforce by investing in our students," said Taha, an associate professor of nursing who joined Cal State Fullerton and the College of Health and Human Development this fall.

Taha brings a wealth of experience to the classroom. Before joining the CSUF's School of Nursing, she was the nursing program director and chief nurse administrator/associate professor at Cal State San Bernardino. She has worked as a pediatrics nurse in many hospitals from Jordan University Hospital in Amman, Jordan, to Loma Linda University's Medical Center and Children's Hospital.

The associate professor's research expertise is in pediatric nursing, children with neurosurgical and neurological disorders, risk behavior of adolescents and global health. She also is studying the use of technology and high-impact teaching practices with college students.

"Pediatric nursing research looks at ways that can improve patient care outcomes, expand our understanding of the pediatric population and help us design interventions that can improve children's well-being and overall health," Taha said.

She recently received a $85,000 grant to improve the infrastructure of the simulation lab at Cal State San Bernardino's Palm Desert Campus. The grant supports student learning and supports faculty by providing resources to model real life scenarios in a safe environment. She also completed a study on the use of simulation to supplement classroom instruction.

For Taha, bringing what she has learned in clinical practice to students makes their experience richer and more exciting, and prepares them for the real world.

"Students are the nation's future," Taha said. "To be part of their educational journey is an honor."

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