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Meet David Locander

Exploring the World of Sales

Dec. 2, 2014

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David A. Locander has joined Cal State Fullerton as assistant professor of marketing and co-director of the University's Sales Leadership Center.

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David A. Locander has merged an interest in sales and psychology into a teaching career at Cal State Fullerton.

"When I was looking for a university, I was looking for a place with a sales center," said the assistant professor of marketing and co-director of the Sales Leadership Center in Mihaylo College of Business and Economics.

But it wasn't that way until he was working on his doctorate at Louisiana Tech University that the academic truly zeroed in on the sales field as a future. For his dissertation, Locander explored sales performance and the use of intuition.

"I was exploring the relationship between a sales person's emotional intelligence and their decision-making styles in the selling process. I found that they use both intuition and deliberation," explained Locander, who earned a doctorate in business administration with a focus on marketing and a minor in psychology.

That exploration of emotions, intuition and deliberation is the basis of his recently co-authored article "How Do Salespeople Make Decisions? The Role of Emotions and Deliberation on Adaptive Selling and the Moderating Role of Intuition," which was published in the June issue of Psychology and Marketing.

Locander earned his bachelor's degree in marketing and an MBA from Jacksonville University in Florida, where he also was on the offensive line for the Dolphin football team. He has worked in sales as an account representative for an industrial supplies company.

In addition to sales and decision-making, Locander's research interests include advertising, storytelling, gender communication styles, ethics and emotional intelligence. He has presented papers on intuition and adaptive selling, the power of stories and learning styles.

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