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Oct. 1, 2014

Cal State Fullerton faculty members and students will be and have been presenters at professional associations throughout the country and the world. Among them:

Jeffrey A. Kottler, professor of counseling, is one of three keynote speakers for the 2015 American Counseling Association Conference and Expo in Orlando, Florida. Kottler will join Richard Balkin, assistant dean and association professor in counseling and educational psychology at Texas A&M University, to present "The Power of Relationships in Counseling — and the Counselor's Life" during the March 11-15, 2015, program.

Yuying Tsong, assistant professor of human services, was among the speakers addressing the Sept. 27 Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association Conference in Las Vegas. Tsong spoke on "Disordered Eating in Asian American Women."

In July, at the XVI International Congress on Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions in Greece, and the XVI International Congress of Virology in Montreal, Melanie A. Sacco, assistant professor of biological science, presented posters titled "Dissecting Functions of the Polerovirus Suppressor of RNA Silencing PO in Evasion and Elicitation of Plant Defenses" with alumni Ken-Der Wang and Roman Empleo and undergraduate student Tiffany Q. Nguyen. At the virology conference, undergraduate Jennifer Spencer, a MARC and McNair Scholar, presented a poster on "Investigating Defense Responses of Nicotiana Benthamiana Involving the 14-3-3 Gene Family Using Virus-Induced Gene Silencing (VIGS)."

Sacco also gave a research talk on "Polerovirus PO Protein: An RNA Silencing Suppressor With Roles in Evasion and Elicitation of Plant Defense Response" at the Pirbright Institute in Compton, United Kingdom.

Douglas J. Eernisse, professor of biological science, delivered "Rare Trans-Pacific Invasions Contribute to High Species Diversity in North Pacific Chitons and Limpets (Mollusca)" at the May 18-23 Joint Aquatic Sciences meeting in Oregon. Eernisse also discussed "Speciation Along Our Coast Was Punctuated by Rare Faunal Exchange Across the North Pacific" as part of the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology's spring seminar series.

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