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Meet Gagan Ghosh

Economist Studies Political Economy and Game Theory

Oct. 9, 2014

When Gagan Ghosh discusses game theory, he's not talking about how to play a computer game. He's talking about a study of strategic decision-making.

"It can be used to look at interactions between businesses, politicians and countries," said the assistant professor of economics, who is working on an application to study game theory in oil auctions and adds that aspects of game theory can be used in studies as wide ranging as divorce rates. He is currently working on projects on multiunit auctions, political contests and marriage markets.

Ghosh joined Cal State Fullerton this fall after spending two years teaching economics at the Copenhagen Business School. It was a conscious decision after completing his doctorate at the University of Iowa.

"My wife and I thought that it would be fun to be in Europe," he said. "We're big into traveling and hiking but after two years, we wanted to return to the United States."

Originally from India where he completed his bachelor's and master's degrees in economics, Ghosh said he loves being in the American higher education system, explaining that he feels that students have more freedom, especially when it comes to deciding a major. In Europe, bachelor's degrees are typically completed in three years.

But California is a whole new world for the economist. "My experience has been in the Midwest and the East Coast," Gosh said. "Southern California is a very different beast.

"But the longer we stay, the more we like it," he adds. "I like the students here. There's a level of politeness," he's observed, "No arrogance. They want to do well."

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