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Kinesiology Faculty and Students Present at Conference

Nov. 21, 2014

More than 30 students and alumni joined Pablo Costa, associate professor of kinesiology, in making presentations last month at the annual meeting of the Southwest Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine.

Costa, who joined Cal State Fullerton this fall, delivered "Effects of Resistance Exercise Mode on Rating of Perceived Exertion During Short-Term Training" at the Oct. 17-18 conference in Costa Mesa.

Also taking part in the meeting was Kyle Burnett, assistant athletic director, who served on a "Meet the Experts" panel titled "Career Options in the Field of Exercise Science."

Student presenters were:
Andrea T. Duran, "Cytokine Responses to Acute Intermittent Aerobic Exercise in Children With Prader-Willi Syndrome and Non-Syndromic Obesity"
Eric Adams, "Acute Response of Testosterone to Low-Moderate Intensity Resistance Exercise in Obese vs. Lean Children"
Sean M. April, "The Use of Resistance Bands and a Verbal Cue on the Frontal Plane Knee Kinematics and Kinetics During a Drop Vertical Jump Task"
Jose A. Arevalo and Kathryn McLeland, "Comparison of Classic Fatigability and Peak Torque Tests Used to Estimate Fast-Twitch Muscle Fiber Composition"
Saldiam R. Barillas and Dustin D. Dunnick, "Upper-Body Muscle Activation Between Stable and Unstable Load During Concentric Bench Press"
Tori Beaudette, "Acute Effects of Assisted Jumping on Relative Peak Power and Peak Velocity of a Vertical Jump"
James M. Charles, "The Effects of Velocity on Foot-Strike Angle in Recreational Runners"
Brianna A. Crum, "Acute Effects of Alkaline Water on High-Intensity Anaerobic Performance"
Robert I. Dudley, "Foot-Strike Patterns of Runners During a 100-Mile Ultramarathon"
Dustin D. Dunnick, "Upper-Body Muscle Activation Between Stable and Unstable Load During Eccentric Bench Press"
Colleen N. Gulick and Kathy A. Jacobo, "The Reliability of a Commercial Device Designed to Measure Punching Impact" and "The Influence of Hand Padding on Punching Impact"
Yvonne Le, "Auditory Biofeedback Can Decrease Performance of Figure Skaters"
Kristina M. Macias, "A Comparison of Upper-Body Strength Between Rock Climbing and Resistance Trained Men"
Kylie Malyszek, "Acute Effects of Elastic Bands on Power Characteristics During Deadlifts at Various Loads"
Sean P. McCaffrey, "Is There a Performance Advantage to Internal Femoral Rotation During a Broad Jump?"
Kathryn A. McLeland, "Adding Group Assignments to a Semester-Long Activity Class: Changes in Group Constructs and Fitness"
Erika G. Mora, "Do as I Say: The Effects of Instruction on Self-Controlled Feedback"
Dylan T. Patton, "Effect of Skateboarding Stance Leg on Unilateral Balance"
Shaina M. Record, "Acute Effects of Elastic Bands on Force Characteristics During Deadlifts at Various Loads"
Vanessa Rigsby, "Barriers Faced Among Parents of Preschool Children in a Home-Based Physical Activity Intervention"
Vanessa M. Rojo, "The Effects of Self-Selected Music on Recovery From a Fatiguing Bout of Isokinetic Leg Extensions"
Bryan Romero, "Metabolic Demands of Heavy Metal Drumming"
Jakob J. Rosengarten, "The Effects of Intermittent Actual and Perceived Cooling on Repeated Bouts of High-Intensity Exercise"
Alex Soria, "Differences Between Hip Abductor and Adductor Strength and Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome in Collegiate Distance Runners"
Jennifer Spencer, "Effect of Internal vs. External Verbal Cue on Female Frontal Plane Knee Biomechanics During a Drop Vertical Jump"
Anne-Margaret Tovar, "Individuals Use the Initial Portion of the Trajectory of a Stimulus to Perform a Coincidence-Timing Task"
Daniel J. Vahradian, "An Analysis of Ascent and Descent Velocity of the Lifter and Barbell During a Clean"
Casey E. Ward, "Hip Moments in the Downswing: Differences Between Skill Levels and Relationship to Pelvic Kinematics"
Megan A. Wong, "Single Leg Balance of Skateboard vs. Push Legs"

Faculty mentors who co-authored students' papers and posters included:
Kinesiology professors Lee E. Brown — who is past president of the Southwest Regional Chapter Board of Trustees — David D. Chen, Jared Coburn, Robert D. Kersey, Scott K. Lynn, Guillermo J. Noffal and Lenny D. Wiersma; associate professors Daniela Rubin and Kavin K.W. Tsang; and assistant professors Joao Barros, Koren Fisher, Andrew Galpin and Kathleen Wilson.

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