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Nov. 3, 2014

Yuying Tsong, assistant professor of human services, co-authored the chapter "Buddhism and Taoism in the Lives of Asian American Women" in "Religion and Spirituality for Diverse Women: Foundations of Strength and Resilience" published in September by Praeger.

Angel Pineda, assistant professor of mathematics, is co-author of "Mathematics in Latin America and the Caribbean: So Much Happening, So Much to Do" published in Vol. 61, No. 9 of Notices of the American Mathematical Society.

Alumnus Gorge A. Romero '08, '13 (B.A., M.A. psychology) and Aaron T. Goetz, associate professor of psychology, co-authored "The Implicit Rules of Combat" in the October issue of Human Nature.

Hope Johnson, associate professor of biological science, co-authored the paper "Heterologous Expression and Characterization of the Manganese-Oxidizing Protein from Erythrobacter sp. Strain SD21" posted online Aug. 29 and published in the November issue of Applied and Environmental Microbiology. Her co-authors: Katherine Nakama, a former graduate student in her lab who is now interning at Sandia National Lab; current graduate student Michael Medina; former graduate student Ahn Lien, who now works at GenProbe; Jordan Ruggieri '13 (B.S. biological science - cell and development biology), who now works at Zymo Research; and former postbaccalaureate student Krystle Collins, who is now at Columbia Medical School.

Marcelo E. Tolmasky, professor of biological science, co-authored:

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