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Living Textbook: Science of sleeping

Oct. 13, 2014

Though you’ve no doubt heard that you need to get eight hours of sleep every night, the amount of sleep really needed can vary vastly from person to person.

In extreme cases, a person might need as little as four hours. Former President Bill Clinton is one who reportedly needs only four hours. Some people need as many as 10 to function properly.

History is filled with individuals who accomplished great things on relatively little sleep. Inventor Nikola Tesla was often so involved with science that he saw no point in sleeping more than two to three hours a night. History is also filled with individuals who accomplished great things on more sleep.

Albert Einstein was reportedly at the top of his game only after sleeping 10 hours a day, plus the occasional nap.

Deborah Wilson-Ozima, adjunct psychology professor at CSUF, shared a few tidbits about the importance of what goes on in our brain while we sleep and how to make the most of our time in dreamland.

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