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Living Textbook: Suburbia rooted in aspirations, misplaced blame

Oct. 1, 2014

In Living Textbooks, the Register invites university faculty to share their knowledge and expertise with readers.

Why do so many Americans live in suburbs?

Answering that question requires figuring out what a suburb is. Consider Orange County. We are not only residential: Orange County contains many offices, retail spaces, universities and industrial spaces. People here live in apartments and condominiums alongside single-family houses.

Orange County residents include a variety of races and classes, although our diversity is still a segregated diversity. This space is not as urban as Los Angeles nor as rural as the Central Valley, but we can call ourselves suburban only if we understand that few suburbs fit suburban stereotypes.

Continue reading the full article by Elaine Lewinnek, an associate professor of American studies at Cal State Fullerton,  online .

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