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Campus Sustains Minor Damage in Earthquake

March 29, 2014; Updated March 31

Picture of books on library floor.

Visible damage on Cal State Fullerton's campus from the March 28 earthquake was minor and largely confined to the upper floors of three buildings — Pollak Library, Langsdorf Hall and the Humanities-Social Sciences Building. Here, Pollak Library shelves were emptied by seismic activity.

In an email update to Cal State Fullerton employees sent Monday, March 31, in the aftermath of the Friday, March 28, earthquake centered near Brea, Provost José L. Cruz thanked "the many who have been working to assess our campus after this event, and who will continue to work to bring all facilities and services back online."

The update confirmed an earlier assessment that indicated no structural damage to University facilities as a result of Friday evening’s earthquake, and despite some fresh surface cracks in some areas, actual damage is superficial and does not affect structural integrity.

Pollak Library, the upper floors of Langsdorf Hall and the Humanities-Social Sciences Building appear to have sustained the bulk of the minor damage that did occur, including dislodged ceiling tiles and items having fallen off shelves.

Harder-hit areas are undergoing additional assessment and reorganization, and the fourth, fifth and sixth floors of Pollak Library are closed until further notice. The library freight elevator is currently out of service.

The update continues to advise employees returning to campus to expect that some items in their work areas may have been displaced, particularly in offices on higher floors.

Employees encountering significant issues are asked to report them promptly to Facilities Operations' Work Control Center at extension 3494 or, providing as much detailed information as possible. Faculty and staff with offices in the University's College Park building should forward requests to the building manger. Issues with computers should be reported to departmental IT representatives. 


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