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Campus Centers Receive Intramural Funding

Jan. 9, 2014

Fourteen campus centers and institutes have received a total of nearly $140,000 in funding from the Centers and Institutes Planning and Expansion Program.

The new program was established to support campus centers in collaborative and grant receiving efforts that "promote scholarship and advance CSUF's mission and goals."

Awards of up to $10,000 were announced in mid-December. Recipients, their directors and proposed action, are:

Twin Studies Center
Nancy Segal, professor of psychology
The Twin Studies Center will conduct a study of Chinese identical twins that have been adopted together or apart and are living in the United States, and a study of two twins reared apart and separated for 77 years.

Center for Applied Biotechnology Studies
Marcelo Tolmasky, professor of biological science
The biotechnology studies center seeks to establish an advisory committee and initiate development of a strategic plan; organize a seminar series for this spring semester; and explore opportunities to submit an institutional grant proposal.

SchoolsFirst Center for Creativity and Critical Thinking in Schools
Andrea Guillaume, professor of elementary and bilingual education
The SchoolsFirst center proposes to create and disseminate scholarly work related to the center, and seek external funding to support center activities.

Center for Autism
Rachel M. Fenning, assistant professor of child and adolescent studies
The center intends to seek external funding, and study the development of social skills in children with autism spectrum disorder by considering biological, psychological and environmental factors.

Health Promotion Research Institute
Sora P. Tanjasiri, professor of health science
The institute seeks to increase: the number of health promotion-related research grants and publications on campus, the number of students who can understand and address community-based and other health promotion research needs, and collaborative efforts with community-based organizations. The center also plans to work with faculty to develop research skills and support long-term development of research.

Center for Corporate Reporting and Governance
Vivek Mande, professor of accounting
The CCRG has plans to develop and make available online a "CCRG Training Academy." Courses will be offered on campus and open free of charge to business students, as well as via the Internet on a fee basis to certified public accountants across the country.

The Writing Center
Stephen Westbrook, associate professor of English, comparative literature and linguistics
The center will conduct a self-assessment of the center's services, expand tutoring programs and seek external funding.

Center for Maximizing Teacher Impact
Mark Ellis, associate professor of secondary education
The center will continue working with National Board teacher candidates while developing mentor teachers as part of a co-teaching model for candidates in the University's mathematics and science credential programs.

Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary
Karon Cornell, sanctuary director
Tucker will collaborate with the John D. Cooper Archeological and Paleontological Center in developing marketing and interpretive materials for use at public outreach events and take part in two large-scale public events during the grant period.

Archaeological Research Facility
Steven R. James, professor of anthropology
The archaeological facility will seek external funding to help improve the archaeological collections and the facility, and hire two student assistants to help upgrade facility collections, improve storage conditions and assist in the development an internship program.

Center for Economic Education
Radha Bhattacharya, professor of economics
The center intends to work with local high school economics teachers to develop a low-cost financial literacy curriculum that can be infused into high school classrooms and develop a method to document improvements in students' financial literacy.

Center for Research on Educational Access and Leadership
Dawn Person, professor of educational leadership
The center will undergo a program to build community college institutional capacity in the areas of minority male program assessment and evaluation.

Decision Research Center
Michael Birnbaum, professor of psychology
The grant funding will be used to support the writing of a grant proposal to support a collaborative research project in adaptive testing and bring internationals scholars to campus to consult on the development of a textbook, book and training institutes on judgment and decision making.

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Center
Barbara Cherry, associate professor of psychology
The goal under this funding is for the center for maintain and expand its research and teaching aspects through a longitudinal study of individuals aged 50 and older with and without fibromyalgia.

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