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Titans to Present at Chicana, Chicano Studies Conference

March 24, 2014

Students and faculty members will be discussing their research April 9-12 during the 41st annual National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Alexandro J. Gradilla, chair and associate professor of Chicana and Chicano studies, will moderate "Working the Boundaries: Mothers, Fathers and Educators," which will feature presentations by Crisanta Aguilar, "Chicana/o Moms Go to College: The Successes, the Triumphs and the Obstacles"; Franklin Perez, "Making Space for Transformative Teaching: Assessing Thoughts and Strategies for Promoting Student Centered Learning"; and Jose Zamora, "Ser Papa: The Experiences of Young Mexican American Fathers."

Maria Malagon, lecturer in Chicana and Chicano Studies, chairs a session on "Masculinity in Orange County: A Performance Act as an Undocumented Male, Performer and Student," which includes presentations by Guadalupe Najera, "School to Prison Pipeline in Santa Ana"; Yesenia Altamirano, "Putting on the Charro Suit"; and Maria Areli Sotelo, "Navigating to Survive, 'The American Dream'"

Other presentions:

  • Alexandro J. Gradilla, "Applying for Jobs at Four-Year Teaching Universities: From Dossier to Interviews."
  • Gilberto Reyes Morgan, "The Sun and Dragon That Created a Fertile Valley Named Mexicali"
  • Marissa Pina, "Race, Crime, Immigration and 'Illegality': The Rhetoric of Colorblindness and the Entrapment of Racialized Populations in the Era of Neo-liberal Economics"
  • Carlos Beltran, "Critical Race Theory: Gentrification or Racial Formation Project?"
  • Melissa Padilla, "Educational Pipeline for People of Color: Is the Goal to Educate or Indoctrinate"
  • Janet Bernabe, "The Experience of a Chicana Through Means of Resistance and Liberation: The Challenges of the Social, Cultural, Political and Academic Expectations of the Chicana"
  • Christina Acosta, "Sealing the Cracks in the Higher Educational Pipeline: Counter-Spaces as a Function of Motivation and Retention by Providing Social Capital"
  • Maria Malagon, "Ectories: Examining the Cumulative Effects of Racial Micro-Aggressions in the Schooling Lives of Chicano Male Youth"
  • Jannet Esparza, María Salazar and Martha Contreras, "From Undocumented to DACA-mented: The Journey"

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