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Committee Recommends Approval of Student Success Fee

March 14, 2014

The Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC) has approved raising the basic cost to attend Cal State Fullerton by $181 a semester, in order to fund a wide range of new academic services and resources requested by students.

The action came at the March 12 meeting of the 13-member committee, on which students hold a majority, following four weeks of 153 public forums and group presentations, as well as a campuswide information effort to put the proposed Student Success Fee on the radar of every student at Cal State Fullerton.

Guided by student feedback from the 3,809 valid paper and online surveys received during the monthlong campus consultation, committee members trimmed and prioritized the proposed spending allocations to be funded before voting to approve adoption of a Student Success Fee with the start of the 2014-15 academic year.

The committee's action and the input gleaned from the campus consultation will now be taken under consideration by President Mildred García in deciding whether to forward the recommendation to CSU Chancellor Timothy White.

At Cal State Fullerton, as with all campuses in the CSU, decisions on tuition and mandatory fees are made by the chancellor and the trustees.

If instituted, the fee would be phased in gradually over three years, reaching $181 per semester by 2016-17. Revenue from the initiative would be restricted to the purposes identified in the fee as proposed.

As approved, the proposal calls for annual adjustments for inflation and monitoring by SFAC, seven of whose 13 members are students.

As recommended by the committee, the fee will fund expanded supplemental instruction, academic and career advising, course-availability for high-demand subjects, internships, and the modernization of student-centered athletic facilities.

As a mandatory fee, the $181 increase will be added to the cost of attendance and, therefore, offset by equivalent adjustments in financial aid packages, minimizing the impact for many financial aid recipients.

Cal State Fullerton's campus-based fees are currently the third lowest in the entire CSU system. With the new fee, the University will have the eighth lowest fees of the 23 campuses in the CSU.

It currently costs undergraduates $3,093 in tuition and fees per semester to attend Cal State Fullerton on a full-time basis. If adopted, the new Student Success Fee will bring the basic cost of a semester of study to $3,274.

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