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Environmental Studies Majors Present Research Friday

April 21, 2014

Nine environmental studies graduate students will be presenting their research during a Friday, April 25, program beginning at 6:15 p.m. in Rooms 1307 and 1308 of Mihaylo Hall.

"In the Environmental Studies program, graduates have the option of doing either a thesis or a project to fulfill the requirements of the master's degree," explained James A. Miller, program coordinator and associate professor of geography. "The projects provide graduates an opportunity to showcase their research and presentation skills, which are fundamental to securing employment in environmental-related fields."

Presenters in Room 1307 are:

  • Kaitlin Traver of Riverside, "Long-Term Demography of an Exploited Largemouth Bass Population in Diamond Valley Lake, California" Adviser: Paul T. Stapp, professor of biological science
  • Chandel Davis of Huntington Beach, "Water Availability and Seed Mass as Predictors of Seedling Fitness in Foeniculum Volgare" Adviser: Joel K. Abraham, assistant professor of biological science
  • Rosangela Carreon of Azusa, "Remote Sensing Climatic Impact on Snow Cover for the San Gabriel Mountains" Adviser: William R. Laton, associate professor of geological sciences
  • Chi Kwan Fong of Chino Hills, "Sustainable Outcome of Project Delivery Systems in the Built Environment" Adviser: Hakob Avetisyan, assistant professor of civil and environment engineering
  • Ashley Barton of Downey, "Pork Production in the U.S. and China: A Review" Adviser: Mark H. Drayse, professor of geography

Presenters in Room 1308:

  • Tara Teegarden of Montebello, "Environmental Hazards: Perception, Proximity and Community Engagement Among the Affluent" Adviser: Justin A. Tucker, assistant professor of political science
  • Kevin Mills of Anaheim, "The Socioeconomic and Environmental Impacts Associated With El Nino Southern Oscillation" Adviser: Justin A. Tucker, Assistant professor of political science
  • Elizabeth Barros of Garden Grove, "Visual Arts: Safety Incentive Program" Adviser John D. Breskey, assistant professor of health science
  • Derek Brown of Fullerton, "Globally Harmonized System Curriculum for First Responder Operations at Los Angeles/Orange County Environmental Training Center" Adviser: John D. Breskey, assistant professor of health science

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