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Faculty Research Presented at Four Recent Meetings

June 17, 2014

In March, Zhuangjie Li, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry, persented on "Gaseous Phase Kinetics Studies Using the RR/DF/MS Technique: The Temperature and Pressure Dependence of OH + VOCs Rate Constants" at the 31st Informal Symposium on Kinetics and Photochemicals Processes in the Atmosphere at UC Riverside.

That same month, Brenda Bowser, assistant professor of anthropology, and John Q. Patton, professor of anthropology, along with peers from Simon Fraser and Rutgers universities, presented "Bergmann's Rule in Human Females: A Reassessment " at the 2014 meetings of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists in Calgary. Bowser is also co-author and presented "Regional Interaction and Obsidian Use During the Early and Middle Holocene at the Irvine Site (CA-ORA-64)" at the 2014 meetings of the Society for California Archaeology in March. He co-author is alumnus Richard George '13 (M.A. anthropology), now a doctoral candidate at Pennsylvania State University.

In April, at the 79th annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology in Austin, Bowser delivered "Women's Manioc Cultivation in Amazonian Ecuador: A Perspective From Human Behavior Ecology," co-authored by Patton. Bowser also co-organized the symposium "Humans on the Landscape: Papers in Honor of Michael Jochim," chaired the SAA Women in Archaeology Interest Group and completed her term serving on the organization's Native American Scholarship Committee.

At the same meeting, Edward J. Knell, assistant professor of anthropology, presented "Late Paleoindian Cody Complex Tool Assemblage Variability," co-authored with Matthew Hill of the University of Iowa; Jeannine Pedersen, associate curator for archaeology at the Cooper Center, spoke on "There is a New Curation Facility in Town: Strategies for the Development of Educational Programming, Outreach and Social Media"; and Carl Wendt, associate professor of anthropology, delivered "Fishing in the Olmec World."

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