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March 13, 2014

Among recent faculty publications are:

Allison Varzally, associate professor of history, authored "Asian Immigration and Its Scholars" in the spring issue of California History.

Joel K. Abraham, assistant professor of biological science, co-authored "The Genetic Drift Inventory: A Tool for Measuring What Advanced Undergraduates Have Mastered About Genetic Drift" published in the March 3 quarterly edition of CBE— Life Sciences Education, a publication of the American Society for Cell Biology. Another co-authored article by Abraham, "The Dominance Concept Inventory: A Tool for Assessing Undergraduate Student Misconceptions About Dominance in Medelian and Population Genetics," was accepted for publication.

Mortaza Jamshidian, professor of mathematics, co-authored "MissMech: An R Package for Testing Homoscedasticity, Multivariate Normality and Missing Completely at Random" in the January issue (Vol. 56, No. 6) of the Journal of Statistical Software. Jamshidian also co-authored "Examining Missing Data Mechanisms via Homogeneity of Parameters, Homogeneity of Distributions and Multivariate Normality" in the January/February issue (Vol. 6, No. 1) of WIREs Computational Statistics and "Data-Driven Sensitivity Analysis to Detect Missing Data Mechanism With Applications to Structural Equation Modeling" in Vol. 83, No. 7 of the Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation.

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