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Meet Guadalupe Espinoza

Child and Adolescent Studies Faculty Member Targets School Bullying

Jan. 14, 2014

Guadalupe Espinoza

Guadalupe Espinoza

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Guadalupe Espinoza, assistant professor of child and adolescent studies who joined Cal State Fullerton’s tenure-track faculty in the fall, has been studying bullying and cyberbullying by youngsters on- and off-school grounds for nearly a decade.
“I’m interested in better understanding bullying experiences among Latino adolescents, in particular, because, although Latinos are the largest ethnic minority group in the U.S, they are largely underrepresented in bullying research and we know very little about their negative interactions with peers both at school and online,” Espinoza said.
Espinoza is sharing her expertise on the subject in her courses on adolescence. Some of the topics included in her classes, she said, are peer influence, bullying and cyberbullying experiences and the use of electronic communication through social media, text messaging and other sources. 
In March, Espinoza will present findings from her research on cyberbullying experiences of Latino adolescents and on discrimination experiences among Mexican-American parents and adolescents at the Society for Research on Adolescence Symposium in Texas.
Espinoza earned her doctorate and master’s degree in developmental psychology from UCLA and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from San Diego State.
Since 2007, Espinoza, who is fluent in Spanish, has been awarded nearly $200,000 in research grants and fellowships. Besides bullying, her other research interests include adolescent development, peer relationships and Latino family relationships.

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