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Campus Honors Faculty Authors

Program Recognizes Books Published in 2013

Feb. 20, 2014

Thirty-seven faculty members who authored or edited books published last year will be honored during a Wednesday, Feb. 26, Author Awards program for the honorees, their guests and other invitees. The 2-4 p.m. program is sponsored by the Office of the President, Division of Academic Affairs, Pollak Library, Titan Shops and the Faculty Development Center.

Being recognized are:

William C. Beam, acting chair and professor of kinesiology, and Gene M. Adams, emeritus professor of kinesiology, seventh edition of "Exercise Physiology Laboratory Manual"

xtine Burrough, associate professor of communications, "Foundations of Digital Art and Design With Adobe Creative Cloud"

Sharon V. Chappell, assistant professor of elementary and bilingual education, "The Arts and Emergent Bilingual Youth: Building Culturally Responsive, Critical and Creative Education in School and Community Contexts" with Christian J. Faltis of UC Davis

Lana L. Dalley, associate professor of English, comparative literature and linguistics, "Economic Women: Essays on Desire and Dispossession in Nineteenth-Century British Culture" with Jill Rappoport of University of Kentucky

Tenzin Dorjee, assistant professor of human communication studies, translated "A Drop From the Marvelous Ocean of History: The Lineage of Leluna Pema Zhepai Dorje" by Tenzin Phunstok Loden

Loretta Donovan, associate professor of elementary and bilingual education, and Timothy D. Green, professor of elementary and bilingual education, "Making Change: Creating 21st Century Teaching & Learning Environments"

Edward J. Fink, professor of radio-TV-film, "Dramatic Story Structure: A Primer for Screenwriters" and the 11th edition of "Video Production: Disciplines and Techniques" with Lynne S. Gross, professor emeritus of radio-TV-film, and James C. Foust of Bowling Green University

Robert H. Gass, chair and professor of human communication studies, the fifth edition of "Persuasion: Social Influence and Compliance Gaining" with John S. Seiter of Utah State University

Maria Cominis Glaudini, associate professor of theatre and dance, "Rehearsing in the Zone: A Practical Guide to Rehearsing Without a Director"

Cindy Smith Greenberg, director and professor of nursing, third edition of "Children and Their Families: The Continuum of Nursing Care" with Vicky R. Bowden of Azusa Pacific University

Mohinder S. Grewal, professor of electrical engineering, third edition of "Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Inertial Navigation and Integration: Solutions Manual," with Angus P. Andrews of the Rockwell Science Center and Chris G. Barone of Ohio University

Mikel Hogan, chair and professor of human services, fourth edition of "Four Skills of Cultural Diversity Competence: A Process for Understanding and Practice"

Kristi L. Kanel, professor of human services, fifth edition of "A Guide to Crisis Intervention"

Edward J. Knell, assistant professor of anthropology, "Paleoindian Lifeways of the Cody Complex" with Mark P. Muñiz of St. Cloud State University

Jeffery A. Kottler and Matt Englar-Carlson, professors of counseling, "Helping Beyond the 50-Minute Hour: Therapists Involved in Meaningful Social Action" with John Carlson of Governors State University. Kottler also authored "Change: What Really Leads to Lasting Personal Transformation."

Paul Martin Lester, professor of communications, "Digital Innovations for Mass Communications: Engaging the User"

Dana Loewy, lecturer in marketing, ninth edition of "Essentials of Business Communication" with Mary Ellen Guffey of Pierce College

Stacy L. Mallicoat, associate professor of criminal justice, "Women and Crime: The Essentials" with Connie E. Ireland of Cal State Long Beach, and "Criminal Justice Policy" with Christine L. Gardiner, assistant professor of criminal justice

Stephen J. Mexal, acting chair and associate professor of English, comparative literature and linguistics, "Reading for Liberalism: The Overland Monthly and the Writing of the Modern American West"

Jill L. Rosenbaum, professor emeritus of criminal justice, "Implementing a Gender-Based Arts Program for Juvenile Offenders" with Shelley Spivack of University of Michigan-Flint

David M. Sandner, professor of English, comparative literature and linguistics, "The Treasury of the Fantastic" with Jacob Weisman of Tachyon Publications

B.J. Snell, professor of nursing, "The Healthy Pregnancy Book: Month by Month, Everything You Need to Know From America's Baby Experts" with William Sears of UC Irvine, Martha Sears and Linda Holt

Nancy E. Snow, professor of communications, "Truth Is the Best Propaganda: Edward R. Murrow's Speeches in the Kennedy Years"

Bogdan Suceavă, professor of mathematics, "Miruna: A Tale," translated from Romanian by Alistair Ian Blyth and winner of the Bucharest Association of Writers Fiction Award; third printing of "Coming From an Off-Key Time"; "Memoirs From an Ideal Library"; and "Can One Hear the Shape of a Drum?"

Hallie K. Yopp Slowik and Ruth H. Yopp-Edwards, professors of elementary and bilingual education, sixth edition of "Literature-Based Reading Activities; Engaging Students With Literary and Information Text"

Michael C. Steiner, professor emeritus of American studies, "Regionalists on the Left: Radical Voices From the American West"

Karen Stocker, assistant professor of anthropology, "Tourism and Cultural Change in Costa Rica: Pitfalls and Possibilities"

Jason J. Teven, professor of human communication studies, "Communication and You: An Introduction" with Dan O'Hair of University of Kentucky, Mary Wiemann of Santa Barbara City College and Dorothy I. Mullin of UC Santa Barbara

Stella Ting-Toomey, professor of human communication studies, second edition of "The Sage Handbook of Conflict Communication: Integrating Theory, Research and Practice" with John G. Oetzel of University of Waikato

Cameron Walker, lecturer in anthropology, "Tourism and Archaeology: Sustainable Meeting Grounds"

Lisa Weisman-Davlantes, lecturer in psychology, "Uncommon Sense: Effective Critical Thinking and Decision-Making in a Complex World"

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