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Faculty, Students Present at Mathematics Conference

More than 35 faculty and students participated in the November California Mathematics Council South Conference in Palm Springs.

Presenters included:

  • Martin Bonsangue, professor, and Jennifer Clinkenbeard, lecturer in mathematics, "What Would Polya Do? Great Problems for Young Minds";
  • Todd CadwalladerOlsker, associate professor of mathematics, "(Re)Creating an Environment of Mathematical Discovery";
  • Cherlyn Converse, lecturer in mathematics, "Not Just Monty Hall: Fun and Intriguing Math Questions";
  • Armando M. Martinez-Cruz, professor of mathematics, and credential student Garrett Delk, "Parabolas and Their Properties With Geogebra";
  • Mark Ellis, chair and associate professor of secondary education, "Attending to Access and Equity During the Transition to the Common Core Mathematics";
  • Margaret L. Kidd, associate professor of mathematics, "An Experience on Mathematical Modeling"; and
  • Sean Yee, assistant professor, and Ashley Thune-Aguayo, lecturer in mathematics, "Problem-Solving Metaphors: Listening for Student Experiences." Yee also co-presented "Practice Makes Research."

Graduate student presentations included

  • Nancy Garcia and Claudia Gutierrez, "Calculus Topics With Geogebra";
  • Emily Kuper and Joe Torres, "Revisiting Fractions With Manipulatives to Solve Problems";
  • Osvaldo Lopez, "Geogebra as a Tool to Solve Model Mathematical Problems"; and
  • Elizabeth Van Horn, "Compass vs. Computer."

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