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Moot Court Team Earns Third Place Honors

Feb. 3, 2014

Seniors Aimee Wall, a political science major, and Brianna N. Flores, who is majoring in American studies, brought home a third-place finish in the brief writing contest portion of last month's American Collegiate Moot Court National Championship Tournament at Arizona State University.

"This is the most prestigious award in the tournament," said Pamela Fiber-Ostrow, associate professor of political science and moot court director. "Their average score on their written brief was 97.5. The first-place brief earned a 98.5, indicating how close we were to our competitors."

The duo and fellow Titans Kristin Hayes and Greg Brown, both communications majors, earned bids to the national competition during the December regional competition at Cal State Long Beach, where the Cal State Fullerton students won four speaker awards.

The CSUF team finished 26th out of 80 teams at the nationals.

"This was definitely a rebuilding year for us," said Fiber-Ostrow. "Many of our students graduated in 2013, which made it difficult starting all over again. Nevertheless, two of our national competitors are juniors this year, which bodes well for next year."

Moot court, or mock Supreme Court, is a simulation of an appellate court proceeding. The student contestants represent their clients with briefs and oral arguments before a panel of judges, explained Fiber-Ostrow.

All contestants argue the same hypothetical case; this year's case involved warrantless tracking of a defendant's location through a cell phone and whether such tracking violated the fourth amendment, and whether the President of the United States has the authority to order the indefinite detention of an American citizen.

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