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Sociologist Edits Book on Online Higher Education

March 5, 2014

Myron Orleans, professor emeritus of sociology, recently edited "Cases on Critical and Qualitative Perspectives in Online Higher Education." The book includes articles by other members of the CSUF faculty and staff.

John K. Davis, associate professor of philosophy, contributed the chapter "How to Hollow Out an Education," demonstrating how online higher education can best function by keeping student-teacher ratios at levels where intensive instructional interaction remains possible.

Alan Emery and Patricia Literte, associate professors of sociology, joined Echo Chang, director of self-support degree programs and open university advising, University Extended Education, to author "Developing, Implementing and Experiencing an Online Sociology Degree Completion Program at a Large California Public University," in which the authors investigate the creation and operation of a online sociology degree completion program at Cal State Fullerton.

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