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Recognizing Faculty Teaching Efforts

March 19, 2014

Creating community-based research opportunities, guiding students research in the lab and in the field, incorporating technology into the classroom, mentoring and co-authoring papers — just a few examples of what Cal State Fullerton faculty members have been doing to enhance the educational experiences for students.

For these efforts and more, the University will recognize 77 faculty members Wednesday, March 26, for outstanding teaching, specifically exceptional teaching effectiveness, collaborative teaching and high-impact practices. 

The annual faculty recognition program, established in 1995, is sponsored by the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the Faculty Development Center as a way of acknowledging faculty members each year in one of three areas: scholarly and creative activities, outstanding teaching and service to the campus and community.

This year's honorees, by college, are:


Art — Kyung S. Cho, Linda Kroff and Nobuhito Nishigawara
Music — Mitchell J. Fennell and Jean Ferrandis
Theatre and Dance — Eve Himmelheber and Deborah G. Lockwood

Business and Economics

Accounting — Randy Hoffman and Hung-Yuan "Richard" Lu
Economics — Larry Howard and Sherif Khalifa
Finance — Yue Liu
Information Systems and Decision Sciences — Panayiotis Skordi and Ofir Turel
Management — Gerard Beenen, Lorenzo Bizzi and Jennifer D. Chandler
Marketing — Steven Chen and Yuna Kim
Business Communication — Teeanna Rizkallah


Communications — Beth Georges, Waleed Rashidi and Diane F. Witmer
Human Communication Studies — Edith C. Li and Erika Thomas
Radio-TV-Film — Edward J. Fink


Educational Leadership — Ronald E. Oliver
Elementary and Bilingual Education — Timothy D. Green and Terri R. Patchen
Reading — Donna Padgett
Secondary Education — Ellen Kottler
Special Education — Erica J. Howell

Engineering and Computer Science

Civil and Environmental Engineering — Phoolendra Mishra
Computer Engineering — Kenneth "John" Faller
Computer Science — Kevin A. Wortman
Electrical Engineering — Shahin Ghazanshahi
Mechanical Engineering — Chean Chin Ngo

Health and Human Development

Child and Adolescent Studies — Nathalie Carrick and Shu-Chen J. Yen
Counseling — Mary Read
Health Science — Lilia Espinoza and Joshua S. Yang
Human Services — Joe Albert Garcia and Lori Phelps
Kinesiology — Matthew Llewellyn and Scott K. Lynn
Nursing — Kathleen J. Griffith, Rebecca A. Otten and Stephanie Vaughn
Social Work — David Cherin

Humanities and Social Sciences

African American Studies — Siobhan Brooks
American Studies — Carrie Lane
Anthropology — Robey Callahan and Tricia Gabany-Guerrero
Asian American Studies — Tu-Uyen Nguyen
Chicana and Chicano Studies — Patricia A. Perez
English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics — Cornel Bonca and Ellen Caldwell
History — Gayle K. Brunelle
Modern Languages and Literatures — Janet L. Eyring and James A. Hussar
Philosophy — Andrew W. Howat
Psychology — Kristin Beals, Joanne H. Stohs and Susan Sy
Sociology — Alan L. Emery and Berna M. Torr

Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Biological Science — Joel K. Abraham, Jennifer L. Burnaford and Alison Miyamoto
Chemistry and Biochemistry — Philip Janowicz and Madeline E. Rasche
Geological Sciences — Brady P. Rhodes
Mathematics — Scott Annin, Sam Behseta, Jolene Fleming and Cherie Ichinose

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