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E-Recruitment Pilot Program a Success

Faculty Diversity Effort Results in Near-Perfect Rate

Jan. 30, 2014

Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion, in partnership with Academic Affairs, recently implemented an e-recruitment pilot program that resulted in almost 95 percent of faculty candidates self-identifying their ethnicities. Previous efforts achieved 30 to 50 percent self-identification rates.

"This is an important step towards the achievement of the University's Strategic Goal No. 3, which is to recruit and retain a high-quality and diverse faculty and staff," said Lori Gentles, vice president of human resources, diversity and inclusion.

While e-recruiting has been in place for many years for management and staff positions, faculty recruitment remained paper-based, due to the complexity of the process. The evolution of technology and a growing acceptance of e-recruitment in higher education provided an opportunity to test a new approach that also resulted in a better diversity metric, said Gentles.

Initiated last fall in collaboration with Anil Puri, dean of Mihaylo College of Business and Economics, and Claire Cavallaro, dean of the College of Education, faculty searches within these colleges saw dramatic increases in both the number of applicants and the overall diversity of candidates.

"The diversity rates in most demographic categories are exceeding national averages. These results will impact the classroom experience for years to come," said Gentles. "The bond between faculty and students is so important to student success. Ultimately, faculty diversity enriches the student experience by equipping them to succeed in their educational, professional and personal lives."

Gentles added that in light of these results, she would like to see all faculty searches conducted using the e-recruitment program.

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