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Formula SAE Team on Track for Collegiate Competition This Week

June 16, 2014|Updated June 25, 2014

man driving formula-style race car

CSUF mechanical engineering student Kenton Koch, who races with Mazda Motorsports, put Titan VII to the test in the Formula SAE endurance event at the collegiate competition. "It's an accomplishment for the team," said Kalen Eidenschink, team captain, of the team's best finish ever. Photo by Eliot Horner

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Update:  In a record-setting feat for the CSUF Formula SAE team, the students placed 12th overall in the collegiate competition, in which 67 teams raced. CSUF students have competed in Formula SAE since 2009, when the team finished in 48th place. Since then, the highest a Titan team has finished was 16th in 2011. "With the best finish ever this year, the team's hard work and long hours to design and build their race car, Titan VII, paid off," said team captain Kalen Eidenschink. Visit online for photos from the competition.

Cal State Fullerton's Formula SAE team is ready to race.

Members of the Titan team are on their way to Lincoln, Nebraska, for the June 18-21 collegiate Formula Society of Automotive Engineers competition at Lincoln Airpark.

The mechanical engineering students will put their newly built formula-style race car to the test against more than 80 collegiate teams from across the country and around the globe. Since the fall semester, students have been designing, building and testing the car for this annual competition.

"Ultimately, we hope to win," said team member Carlos Gibson. "Besides that, we hope to see our car finish all the events."

The student drivers are: Michael Crull, who worked on the car's chassis and is driving in the autocross event; team captain Kalen Eidenschink, driver for the acceleration event; May graduate Bryan Humburg, who worked on the car's chassis and is driving in the skid pad event; and professional race car driver Kenton Koch, who will be behind the wheel in the endurance event.

Koch, who came to the University last fall as a freshman to study mechanical engineering, is a winning driver in Mazda Motorsports competitions and looks forward to the challenge of collegiate racing. With 12 years experience driving go-carts and race cars, Koch was instrumental in diagnosing potential problems and suggesting modifications to improve the car's handling.

"We improved the handling of the car via suspension settings and geometry and also optimized our design by minimizing weight by using a lot more carbon fiber composites this year," said Gibson, who designed and built the drive train. "For the chassis, we also utilized a 'stressed block' design."

The project, Gibson added, gives students hands-on training to create a car for the real-world setting and helps ready them for the engineering workforce.

"Making something like this bridges the gap between theory and practice. We put what we learn in class to use and end up with a final product," he said.

To defray the expense of building the race car, funding and gifts came from the College of Engineering and Computer Science, CSUF Associated Students Inc., industry, alumni and students. For the first time, the team created an online crowdfunding campaign, which raised about $3,000 to help with travel expenses.

Other student/alumni team members include: Matias Araya, brakes/wheel assembly; Cody Ennis, pedal assembly; Travis Gipson, suspension; and May graduates Tyler Beaudette, suspension team lead, and Jeff Weidner, engine team lead. Team adviser is Jonathan Woodland, the college's machine shop equipment technician.

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